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Wide Aluminum Sheet

wide aluminum sheet is a very common product in the current aluminum sheet market, and it is also one of the products with great market demand. Why is wide aluminium sheet popular in the market, and what is the market situation of wide aluminum sheet? Now we conduct a detailed analysis and interpretation.

wide aluminum sheet

Wide Aluminum Sheet Applications

wide aluminum sheet is widely used in molds, instruments and meters, construction, and can also be used in chemical and petrochemical plants with anti-corrosion and heat preservation.Due to the excellent characteristics and wide applications of wide aluminium sheet, Mingtai Aluminum and other large domestic aluminum processing enterprises are also constantly investing funds to carry out technical research and development.At the same time, the processing enterprises introduced advanced production equipment and continuously improved the production process. Therefore, the quality and performance of wide aluminum sheet were also continuously improved.For example, the 5 series, 6 series super wide aluminium sheet (5052 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet) products produced by Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. are superior to the average market level in terms of quality.

wide aluminum sheet

Mingtai Wide Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

There are many wide aluminum sheet manufacturers, although there are a wide network of suppliers, customers must pay more attention when purchasing. Once again, Xiaobian recommends you to choose MingtaiAluminum. In order to develop new markets and meet the needs of market development, MingtaiAluminum will spend two years to successfully put into operation the 1+1 hot continuous rolling production line in 2015.The 1+1 production line, which is specially used for the production of super wide and thick aluminum plates of Series 5 and Series 6, increases the annual production capacity of MingtaiAluminum by 200,000 tons to 650,000 tons. Moreover, the production cycle is greatly shortened, which greatly reduces the long lead time of aluminum plates and greatly enhances the competitive advantage of MingtaiAluminum.Because, whether in product quality and later service, Mingtai Aluminum can provide more reliable guarantee!


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