The use of aluminum plates in computers

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The use of aluminum plates in computers:

With the development of high-tech, computers are indispensable for daily necessities, housing, transportation, games, entertainment, or office work. Similarly, the metal material aluminum is one of the metal materials with the largest water content in the universe. In the current continuous innovation in the use of aluminum, it is used in desktop computer hosts, keyboards, computer mice, and gaming mouse pads that people usually use. There are many levels. The key is to take advantage of the heat dissipation characteristics of aluminum alloy material and the advantages of a simple surface treatment process. The following is the purpose of Mingtai’s summary of aluminum plates in computers.
Aluminum for computer

Motherboard heat sink:

On a motherboard, you can see many slots and power switches, as well as electronic components such as resistors and capacitors. The conductivity of the conductive fiber material is generally 2 to 3 orders of magnitude higher than that of the lithium battery electrolyte, which improves the temperature unit step response; and because the fiber material has excellent production and processing characteristics, it can be said that the aluminum alloy plate radiator The temperature resistance and impact resistance of the chip is critical to the stability of the motherboard characteristics.
Aluminum for computer

CPU heat pipe radiator:

As far as heat pipe heat dissipation materials are concerned, the heat transfer performance of each raw material is different. Most of the industry uses aluminum plates, which have strong thermal conductivity, low relative density, and low price, so they are favored by major manufacturers.
Aluminum for computer

All aluminum main box and its aluminum alloy profile keyboard:

The all-aluminum main box can be counted as what you pay for. The heat pipe has strong heat dissipation, high appearance, and strong pressure resistance. With its good plasticity and compressive strength, it can immediately develop high-toughness stamping dies and bend these Series poses.
Aluminum for computer

3003 aluminum plate is used for all aluminum main box and keyboard:

The all-aluminum keyboard and its main box chassis generally use 3003 aluminum sheet, which has undergone air oxidation by metal drawing and bending of sheet metal. Compared with traditional plastic keyboards, there is no need to worry about the hard bottom of the plastic caused by long application time. Easy to clean, not afraid of bumps, sturdiness, and durability, simple and more beautiful appearance, compared with iron keyboard anti-rust treatment without surface painting, today’s sales market pay more attention to the application cycle time and appreciation of products Value, shopping around, and choosing the best is the sales market method, so the advantages of the all-aluminum main box and the all-aluminum keyboard are undoubtedly obvious. In terms of macroeconomics, the concept of sustainable development, recycling system utilization, energy conservation, and environmental protection are gradually taking advantage of the trend. The all-aluminum main cabinet keyboard can be acquired by appreciation, and it also extends assistance in energy conservation and environmental protection.


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