Thick heavy aluminum foil jumbo roll in Europe

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Thick heavy aluminum foil

Thick heavy aluminum foil jumbo roll can meet the requirements of ultra-high temperature and is very suitable for making high quality performance barbecue aluminum foil. It’s perfect for roasting a Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas roast and keeps the meat tender and juicy. Use Thick heavy aluminum foil to create foil packs to infuse your side dishes with delicious herbs and spices while maintaining flavor. Due to its high tear and puncture resistance, it is the best covering for foil steam table pans, as the pans can flex when carried.

Food grade Thick heavy aluminum foil is pure and safe, it has passed all food safety requirements test, it does not contain any harmful chemicals. So it is safe to use it as a raw material to make BBQ aluminum foil.

The barbecue aluminum foil has the function of oil absorption and heat preservation. BBQ aluminum foil has two sides, one side is bright and the other side is frosted, the glossy side has a good heat absorption effect, and the frosted side has a good heat preservation effect, so if there are unfinished dishes in life, they Can be wrapped in aluminum foil.

Application: Barbecue aluminum foil made with thick heavy aluminum foil jumbo roll as a raw material can be used to bake sweet potatoes, enoki mushrooms, potatoes, etc. These foods can be wrapped in aluminum foil to retain the umami of food, prevent the loss of moisture and nutrients in food, and prevent Food sticks to the pan for easy scrubbing.


Thick heavy aluminum foil technical specifications

Alloy: 8011, 8006, 3003;
Temper: Soft (O), H19, H22, H24;
Thickness: 0.03-1mm;
Width: 500-2600mm;
Two sides bright;

Thick heavy aluminum foil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of thick heavy aluminum foil jumbo roll. The products have been supplied to the European and Middle East markets for a long time. The brand is widely known, the product quality is very reliable, the delivery time is stable, and the annual output is 1 million tons. Our MOQ is 10 tons per specification, support T/T and LC payment, welcome contact us to order!

The price of thick heavy aluminum foil jumbo roll requires specific product specifications to determine the processing fee, and a comprehensive quotation is based on the price of aluminum ingots at the time of delivery. Different users have different specifications, so the price of aluminum foil is also quite different. Mingtai Aluminum’s products are affordable, welcome to consult.

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