The process difference between 3003-H24 and H14 aluminum plates

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The difference between 3003-H24 aluminum plate and 3003-H14 aluminum plate:

3003 aluminum plate is a favorite alloy specification in the huge family of 3 series aluminum plates, especially 3003-H24 aluminum plate and 3003-H14 aluminum plate for curtain wall, which belongs to the common series and is widely used. Although many customers often buy 3003-H24 aluminum plates and 3003-H14 aluminum plates, many customers may not know the process of their research. Today we will give a detailed introduction to the process difference between 3003-H24 and H14 aluminum plates.
3003 aluminum sheet

3003 aluminum plate knowledge:

Regarding the knowledge of the 3003 aluminum plate, first of all, we talked about the hardness of the 3003 aluminum plate, that is, the strength is about 10% higher than that of the 1060 aluminum plate, and the 1100 aluminum plate is about 10% higher. The formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance are relatively good. Therefore, the 3003 aluminum plate is often used for corrosion resistance. Where there are certain requirements, common applications such as fuel tanks need to have excellent performance in terms of hardness and rust prevention. We are more common, in addition to car fuel tanks, there are kitchen food, ship transport liquids, filling and various The common types of heat-insulating pipe radiator fins, cosmetic plates, photocopier drums or ships in our common industrial fields are relatively common.
3003 aluminum sheet

The difference between 3003H24 aluminum plate and 3003H14 aluminum plate processing:

The more common annealing state of 3003 aluminum plate is H24 and H14. The common points of these two states of aluminum plates are that the same 90-degree bending does not crack, the tensile strength, elongation, and corrosion resistance are basically the same, and the surface treatment process and surface are basically the same. So what is the difference between them?
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1.The production process of 3003-H24 aluminum plate

Cast-rolling—annealing furnace annealing—finished product packaging
Regarding the production process of the 3003-H24 aluminum plate, the quality of the produced aluminum plate remains unchanged. It belongs to the more commonly used one-time annealing molding, and the surface oil is not much, and the quality is stable. It belongs to the common processing technology series.
3003 aluminum sheet

2.The production process of 3003-H14 aluminum plate

Cast-rolling—annealing furnace annealing–cold-rolling–finished product packaging
About 3003-H14 aluminum plate is also called a middle-retracted aluminum plate, which belongs to re-rolling after annealing, and the effect of such a finished product is an annealing-rolled product. It is also known as the semi-retreat process, especially for the 3003 aluminum plate version that requires a lot of this process.
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Summary of the difference between 3003-H24 aluminum plate and 3003-H14 aluminum plate:

The above is the process difference between 3003-H24 and 3003-H14 aluminum sheets. I believe it can achieve a certain degree of confusion. You can also contact us at any time about the 3003 aluminum sheet price. We are a professional aluminum sheet and foil manufacturer.


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