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Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co.,Ltd is a large aluminum plate/coil/foil manufacturer. There are two major aluminum sheet manufacturers, Zhengzhou Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier and Gongyi Mingtai supplier. As well as a number of high precision aluminum plate/coil/foil branch factories. Among them, Mingtai Technology Development Co.,Ltd and Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Aluminum Foil Branch Factory, are Mingtai’s two major high-end Aluminum foil manufacturers, with the annual output of more than 100,000 tons.
Aluminum foil manufacturer

Mingtai Technology Development Co., Ltd.-Aluminum foil manufacturer:

Mingtai Technology Development Co., Ltd is a high-end product aluminum foil manufacturer under Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. It was founded in March 2003, and completed the relocation and expansion of the main factory in April after the company’s leadership research and decision-making in 2017. Its annual production capacity is 60,000 tons, with more than 200 employees.

There are 1500 mm elevated cold rolling mill 1 set, 1650 mm high performance foil rolling mill 6 sets, 1600 mm heavy coiler 1 set, 1300 mm-1850 mm high precision slitting machine 8 sets, high precision 60 tons blank annealing furnace 3 sets, 100 tons blank annealing furnace 1 set and 40 tons finished product annealing furnace 12 sets.

The main products are a series of high-end aluminum foil products, such as electronic foil, pharmaceutical foil, battery aluminum foil, cable foil, container foil, household foil, honeycomb foil, tape foil. They are widely used in electronics, medicine, food packaging, cigarettes, construction, household daily use and other fields, selling well in developed countries such as Korea, Japan, Europe and America.
Aluminum foil manufacturer

Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Aluminum Foil Branch Factory-Aluminum foil manufacturer:

Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum Foil Branch Factory is one of the high-end products branch factory of Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Co., Ltd, founded in 2010. Annual output of aluminum foil is over 30,000 tons. The Zhengzhou MIngtai Aluminum foil manufacturer factory now has equipment of high performance 2000mm, aluminum foil mill 2 sets, high precision 1850mm, slitting machine 4sets, folding coiler 1set, annealing furnace 6sets, aluminum foil cleaning line 1 set. There are more than 125 employees, including more than 15 professional and technical personnel.

The main products of branch factory are: Pharmaceutical foil, electronic foil, food packaging foil, honeycomb foil, container foil, decorative foil and other high-end products. Products produced by aluminum foil branch factory are used widely in electronics, food packaging, medicine, construction, household goods and other fields due to the excellent characteristics. Based on the quality policy of “Scientific Management, Pursuit of Excellence, Quality Winning, Customer Satisfaction”, the branch factory is dedicated to providing customers with warm and thoughtful service with first-class team, advanced management and high-quality products. Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of aluminum foil branch factory.
Aluminum foil manufacturer

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