Mexican Aluminium Coil enterprises

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Mexican Aluminium Coil enterprises

Mingtai Aluminum as one of the top 10 Mexican Aluminium Coil enterprises, has exquisite production technology, mature processing procedure, and mechanized and large-scale production. So that Mingtai aluminum coil and other products produced have excellent performance, accurate error, superior quality and competitive price ! Naturally, Mingtai Aluminum with high reputation is favored by the market ! Here, if you are interested in our products, then don’t hesitate to click online customer service on the right, or send email to us, we will provide you with a satisfactory quotation and purchase plan ! Come on !


Here, Mingtai aluminum coil is sold in more than 30 countries and regions including North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand !

Among them, our major client from New Zealand purchased 180 tons 5052 H32 aluminum sheet & coil from us in their first order. Up to now, we has established the lasting deep cooperation friendship !


The Americas Market. It is worth mentioning that Mingtai Al. has become the world’s second reputable exporter of aluminum sheet/coil/foil in the Americas. And the major client from Canada has purchased 260 Tons aluminum coil from us for the first order! In addition, Mingtai aluminum coil is also highly trusted by South America markets, such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, etc .

Southeast Asian market. According to the Mingtai statistics of 2019, a client from Vietnam purchased aluminum coil from us, whose cumulative shipment for the whole year has exceeded 200 tons ! In addition, there are customers in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and other regions.

Aluminum coil specification

Temper: O

Thickness: 0.3mm to 0.5mm

Width: 400mm to 1600mm

MOQ is 10 tons.


Advantages of Aluminium Coil

The strength of Aluminium Coil is above the medium level. It has good elongation and deep drawing performance, and it is a lightweight material, because the amount of material can be reduced by suitable thinning and stretching. The aluminum alloy products made of Aluminium Coil naturally also have many characteristics: strength, corrosion resistance, machinability and other characteristics. There are also features such as high surface finish, suitable for post-processing, light weight, heat resistance, good conductivity, and good printing performance. Aluminium coil combines a series of advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing, and various surface treatments. Its tensile strength is greater than 275MPA, and its elongation rate can reach 20%. Welcome contact us to order!

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