What factors affect the marine grade aluminum sheet price?

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Why is marine grade aluminum sheet price not constant?

As a large aluminum sheet manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum tells you that there are too many factors that affect the price of marine grade aluminum sheet. So it will not stay the same. Such as market aluminum ingot price, marine grade aluminum specifications, manufacturer scale, etc. The market price of international aluminum fluctuates greatly, and factors such as processing technology and raw materials also affect the aluminum sheet price. Therefore, it is recommended not to blindly covet the price and give up the quality when there is demand. If it is an aluminum sheet with high impurity content, it will have a great impact on the quality and even affect the normal use in the later period.
marine grade aluminum sheet

Material affects marine grade aluminum sheet price

We go back to its origin. Due to the different processes adopted by various enterprises in aluminum sheet processing, large enterprises choose aluminum ingots as raw materials for marine aluminum sheet production, while some small enterprises use recycled aluminum as raw materials for aluminum sheet production. This will definitely have a certain impact on the marine grade aluminum sheet price. The price of recycled aluminum is much lower than the price of aluminum ingots. Of course, the quality of marine aluminum sheets produced with aluminum ingots is better than that with recycled aluminum. Therefore, processing technology and materials will affect the marine grade aluminum sheet price.
marine grade aluminum sheet

Alloy affects marine grade aluminum sheet price

You need to know some basic parameters before purchasing marine grade aluminum. Alloy or use (specific use), temper, specifications (thickness * width * length) and dosage.
For different parts of the ship, the alloy of marine grade aluminum sheet is also different. 5052 aluminum alloy is also used for armor. 5083 aluminum alloy can produce wide and thin wall extruded profiles. The thickness of the marine aluminum plate depends on the hull structure, ship specifications and use location. From the perspective of a light weight hull, thin plates are generally used whenever possible. However, the corrosion depth of the board during use should also be considered. Thin plates above 1.6mm and thick plates above 30mm. In order to reduce welding, aluminum plates with a width of 2.0m are usually used, while those used for large ships are generally wider. For the deck, an aluminum checker plate with anti-skid effect should be used.
marine grade aluminum sheet

Manufacturers will affect marine grade aluminum sheet price

1. The strength of the manufacturer. The strength of the aluminum plate manufacturer determines its cost. If it is a manufacturer with the ability to mass produce aluminum plates, the cost price of aluminum plates is relatively low.
2. The manufacturer’s process. Whether the supplier’s production technology is advanced determines the performance of the aluminum plate. Only advanced technology can produce high quality products. The more advanced the production technology of the aluminum plate manufacturer, the higher the input cost.
3. The manpower of the supplier. In the production process of aluminum sheets, employees with higher technical level have higher wages and higher labor costs. Therefore, human investment in the production of 4×8 aluminum plates also determines the price of 4×8 aluminum plates.
marine grade aluminum sheet

Market competition will affect marine grade aluminum sheet price

There are many companies in the market. In order to attract customers and seize market resources, companies will launch different price strategies to compete. The marine grade aluminum sheet price varies according to the number of companies participating in the competition and the restrictions imposed by relevant departments on market competition. When there are many competitors, the competition is more intense, the aluminum sheet price fluctuates greatly, and when there are fewer competitors, the aluminum sheet price is generally stable.


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