Marine grade aluminum 5052

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Introduction of marine grade aluminum 5052:

Marine grade aluminum 5052, 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy, excellent anti-rust aluminum. It is also a marine-grade aluminum sheet with a high application rate in shipbuilding. It is widely used in applications requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as welded parts of ships.
Marine grade aluminum 5052 also contains small amounts of manganese, chromium, beryllium, titanium, etc. Except for a small amount of solid solution, manganese in the alloy mostly forms MnAl6. The role of chromium in marine-grade aluminum 5052 is similar to that of manganese, improving the ability to resist stress corrosion cracking, improving the strength of the base metal and the weld, and reducing the tendency of welding cracks, but its content generally does not exceed 0.35%.
Marine grade aluminum 5052

Marine grade aluminum 5052 and 5083:


Marine grade aluminum 5052 and 5083 belong to the 5 series alloy aluminum magnesium alloy. Collectively referred to as rust-proof aluminum, the common alloy component is magnesium, which can increase their corrosion resistance.


1. The aluminum magnesium alloy is 5005 5252 5251 5050 5052 5754 5083 5056 5086 and so on according to the content of the magnesium alloy. It can be seen that the magnesium content of marine grade aluminium 5083 is higher than 5052.
2. Both marine grade aluminum 5052 and 5083 can be used for the bottom of the ship. In addition, marine grade aluminium 5083 can also be used in the ship’s steering room. The non-magnetic aluminum plate is not affected by the compass, which guarantees the correct direction of the ship during navigation.
Marine grade aluminum 5052

Marine grade aluminum 5052 with ABS certified quality:

In addition to being marine grade aluminum 5052, 5052 aluminum plates are used in many fields of life, especially the construction industry is inseparable from this alloy. But no matter what industry it is applied to, its quality is guaranteed. Classification society is an institution that establishes and maintains relevant technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore facilities. Marine grade aluminum produced by Mingtai Aluminum has passed multiple classification society certifications, CCS, DNV, ABS, LR and BV.
Marine grade aluminum 5052

Factors affecting marine grade aluminum 5052 price:

Marine grade aluminum 5052 is usually affected by the specifications of 5052 aluminum plate itself, manufacturers, regions, market competitiveness and other aspects. The following is a brief analysis of these influencing factors.

1. Marine grade aluminum 5052 specifications

The specifications (especially the thickness) of marine grade aluminum 5052 will affect its price to varying degrees. The temper of the aluminum plate will also have a certain influence. For example, the prices of 5052-H32 and 5052-H28 are different. Similarly, the price of 5052 aluminum plate of 2mm and 5052 aluminum plate of 10mm are also different.

2. Aluminum sheet manufacturer

The popularity, brand influence, technical level and after-sales service of aluminum sheet manufacturers will have an important impact on their prices. Generally, manufacturers with higher visibility, more advanced technology and better after-sales service will have higher quotations for marine aluminum 5052, and vice versa.

3. Market competitiveness

If the market demand gradually increases and there are more and more aluminum sheet manufacturers, there will be a certain competitive relationship between the same industry, and the price will change accordingly with this competitive relationship. In general, the greater the competitiveness of aluminum sheet manufacturers, the lower the price of aluminum sheets. On the contrary, its price will be higher.


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