Marine grade aluminium 5083

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Marine grade aluminium 5083 and lightweight:

First we need to know the concept of lightweight. The concept of lightweight first originated in motorsport. Its advantages are not difficult to understand. It is lighter in weight, which can bring better controllability, and the power output by the engine can generate higher acceleration. Then, as “Energy saving and environmental protection” has become a topic of widespread concern, light weight is also widely used in the field of ordinary cars, and it can also have excellent fuel saving performance while improving handling.
Lightweight in marine grade aluminium 5083, the advantages of weight reduction and fuel consumption are also continued. First, its small specific gravity can reduce the weight of the ship. Second, the capacity of the engine can be reduced while increasing the speed. Third, combining the above two points, fuel consumption will also be reduced.
Marine grade aluminium 5083

Specification of marine grade aluminium 5083:

In addition to the marine grade aluminum 5083 of ordinary specifications, after the introduction of sms six-roll cold rolling mills by Mingtai, the ultra-wide aluminum sheet will become one of the core products of the production line. The width of the 5083 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai can reach 2600mm.
This not only increases the application of marine grade aluminum 5083, but also broadens its application field. 5083 ultra-wide aluminum plate can be used as material of hull, operation table and other parts on ships. On the tank car, it can be used as the structural material of the key parts of the tank car body, tank car cover, partition board and so on.
Marine grade aluminium 5083

Marine grade aluminium 5083 performance:

As 5 series aluminum alloy, 5083 aluminum, 5086 aluminum and marine grade aluminum 5052 have some common properties. It is also because of these excellent properties that it can be used as marine grade aluminium.
1. Because marine grade aluminium has good corrosion resistance, it can extend the service life (usually more than 20 years), which can reduce maintenance costs.
2. Good processing and forming performance, suitable for the streamline shape of the hull; it can be extruded from the large wide walled profile and welded to make the hull structure reasonable and lightweight
3. Good welding performance and easy welding.
4. The elastic modulus is small, the ability to absorb impact force is large, and the safety is large.
5. No low temperature brittleness, best for low temperature equipment.
6. Because marine grade aluminium is non-magnetic, the compass is not affected; all aluminum boats can avoid lightning strikes and are suitable for use as a mine sweeper.
Marine grade aluminium 5083

6 advantages of Mingtai marine grade aluminium 5083:

1. International certification. Mingtai marine grade aluminium has 5 classification society certifications, namely CCS, DNV, ABS, LR and BV.
2. Super high strength. The tensile strength of mingtai marine grade aluminium 5083 is 110-136mpa, the elongation is ≥20, the yield strength is ≥110, and it fully complies with the national regulations.
3. Corrosion and corrosion resistance. The same series of marine grade aluminum 5052 is a low-magnesium alloy product, which shows good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, water, oil and other media.
4. Advanced equipment. Mingtai is equipped with world-leading first-class production equipment to ensure superior product performance and stable production.
5. Strong production capacity. Mingtai (1 + 1) hot-rolled production line escorts the large-scale production of marine grade aluminium 5083 and comprehensively penetrates the international market.
6. Sound service. Mingtai provides integrated services such as perfect customization, production, quality inspection, and distribution. It is online 24 hours a day and provides intimate services.


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