Marine aluminium sheet for deck

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Introduction of marine aluminium sheet for deck

The deck is an important component of the hull. It is a plane structure located above the inner bottom of the ship structure. The deck is used to cover the space inside the ship and divide it horizontally into layers. The general hull is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The deck is a place where people often move around. In order to ensure safety, a non-slip aluminum plate, that is, aluminum checker plate, is needed. Moreover, it also has the function of decoration, which can improve the beauty of the hull.
Marine aluminium sheet

Why use aluminum checker plate for marine aluminium sheet for deck?

The aluminium checker plate has a novel structure, and it has many types of patterns, 1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar. Considering the anti-skid properties, 5 bar aluminum tread plate has the best anti-skid effect. Second, the weight is lighter. The mass of aluminum per square meter is about 7kg, and its tensile strength is 200n per square millimeter; the aluminum plate has high elongation, relative elongation higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without breaking, and has good toughness. Third, it has excellent durability. The corrosion resistance of the 5 series aluminum plate is better than that of the 3 series and 1 series aluminum. The hull is in contact with sea water and air for a long time, and good corrosion resistance can make it last longer.
Marine aluminium sheet

Typical marine aluminium sheet for deck

Henan Mingtai 5083 aluminum sheet has superior performance and is a typical marine aluminium sheet. Products sell well at home and abroad, and have established long-term cooperation with many well known ship manufacturers. In addition to 5083 aluminum plates, Henan Mingtai’s 5086 aluminum plates, 5754 aluminum plates, and 5052 aluminum alloy plates are also alloy materials for shipbuilding. Mingtai’s fast online quenching line requires only 8-16 hours while ensuring product quality, which greatly shortens the production cycle and improves production and processing capabilities. The processing range: 850mm≤width≤1650mm, 1.2mm≤thickness≤10mm, 600mm≤sheet length≤6500mm.
Marine aluminium sheet

Six advantages of Henan Mingtai marine aluminium sheet

1. International Certification
So far, Henan Mingtai marine aluminium sheet has obtained 5 classification society certifications, which are CCS, ABS, DNV, LR, BV.
2. Super high strength
5083 marine aluminium sheet has a tensile strength of 110-136MPa, an elongation ≥20, and a yield strength ≥110, which fully meets the national standards.
3. Corrosion and corrosion resistance
The 5 series marine aluminium sheet is a low-magnesium alloy product, which exhibits good corrosion resistance in air, water, oil and other media.
4. Advanced equipment
Henan Mingtai is equipped with world leading first class production equipment to ensure superior product performance and stable production.
5. Strong production capacity
Henan Mingtai’s “1+1” hot-rolling production line (with an annual output of 200,000 tons), escorts the large scale production of marine aluminium sheet, and fully penetrates the international market.
6. Sound service
Mingtai provides integrated services such as complete customization, production, quality inspection, and distribution. It is online 24 hours and provides intimate services.


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