Marine 5083-h111 Aluminum Plate

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Marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate:

5083 aluminum plate is one of the commonly used alloys of 5 series alloys. There are a lots temper of 5083 aluminum plate. Among them, 5083-H111 aluminum plate is one of the commonly used temper. Marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate is widely used in ships, yachts and so on. So, what does H111 in marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate mean? And What kind of performance does the 5083-h111 aluminum plate have? What is the Chinese manufacturer ’s offer for the 5083-h111 aluminum plate? Let ’s check it out with Mingtai.
5083-h111 Aluminum Plate

Physical properties and standards of marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate:

Physical performance and chemical composition generally perform GB / T 3880 & GB / T 3190.
Foreign countries generally implement EN 573 & EN 485 and ASTM B209.
There are also some special-purpose standards that implement ASME, AA and GJB, depending on where the product is used, the requirements for materials depend on the specific situation.
5083-h111 Aluminum Plate

The meaning of basic performance and H111 temper of marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate:

5083-h111 aluminum plate is a representative product of aluminum alloy with moderate strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability. It is widely used in all fields from thin plate to thick plate. The main alloy element in the marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate is Mg, which has excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, as well as medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance, Making 5083 aluminum plate has been widely used in marine grade aluminum. For example, marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate is widely used in ships and yachts. And can also be used in automobile, aircraft welding parts, subway light rail, and strict fireproof pressure vessel (such as liquid tank truck, refrigerated truck, refrigerated container) refrigeration device, etc.

As for h111 is the standard for the 5083 aluminum plate. For the standard for the aluminum alloy, it is generally just that the prototype state has different hardness classification standards after different heat treatments. This has little to do with the main model. The h111 temper state refers to a state where a small amount of work hardening (work hardening amount is less than the work hardening amount required by H11).
5083-h111 Aluminum Plate

What is the quotation of 5083-h111 aluminum plate manufacturer?

The quotation of marine 5083-h111 aluminum plate manufacturers has a certain relationship with the specific specifications, market aluminum ingot prices, and manufacturer costs. As for 5083-h111 we know is only the aluminum alloy and the temepr state. In fact, The specific price also needs to understand the required thickness. For example, 2mm thick 5083-h111 aluminum plate price is different from 20mm thick 5083-h111 aluminum plate price; the second is the market aluminum ingot price. This can be checked through the online platform for the market aluminum ingot price on the day, plus the processing fee to get the aluminum plate price. In additation, the strength of the aluminum plate supplier is different, the cost of manpower and material resources is different, and the 5083-h111 aluminum plate price is also different.

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