Those factors related to 3mm aluminium sheet price

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3mm aluminium sheet price is related to aluminum sheet grades

Aluminum sheet grades is one of the main influencing factors of 3mm aluminium sheet price. What are aluminum sheet grades? Generally speaking, it is the alloys of 3mm aluminium sheet: 1 series-7 series aluminum alloy (8 series is mostly aluminum foil). The 3mm aluminium sheet may be pure aluminum sheet or alloy aluminum sheet, which is determined by the end use of the aluminum sheet. The alloy 3mm aluminium sheet is more expensive. In addition, the prices of aluminum sheet grades of the 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, and 7 series increase sequentially.
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3mm aluminium sheet price is related to specifications

If you know the specifications of the aluminum plate and the thickness of the aluminum plate, here we directly give the weight calculation formula of the 3mm aluminum sheet. First you need to calculate the volume. Assuming a 4×8 aluminium sheet, then its volume is 0.0089 cubic meters. Multiplied by the density of 2.71, it is the weight of a 3mm aluminium sheet. With a specific weight, you can directly ask the aluminum sheet distributor 3mm aluminium sheet price. In addition, 4×8 aluminium sheet is an aluminum sheet of conventional specifications. Generally, aluminum sheet distributors will do some stocks. Even if you cannot purchase large quantities, there may be a suitable stock for you to choose.
3mm aluminium sheet

Market competitiveness affects 3mm aluminium sheet price

As the market’s demand for 3mm aluminum sheets gradually increased, more and more aluminum sheet manufacturers began to produce. There will be a certain competitive relationship between the same industry, and the 3mm aluminium sheet price will change accordingly with this competitive relationship. In general, the greater the competitiveness of aluminum sheet manufacturers, the lower the price of 3mm aluminum sheet will be. On the contrary, the price will be higher.
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Supplier influence 3mm aluminium sheet price

There are three influencing factors on the supplier’s side.
1. The strength of suppliers. The strength of aluminum sheet suppliers determines the cost of 3mm aluminium sheet. The cost of suppliers of mass production is relatively low.
2. Craftsmanship. Whether the production technology is advanced determines the performance of the aluminum plate. The more advanced the production technology of the aluminum plate manufacturer, the higher the input cost.
3. Manpower. In the production process, employees with higher technical levels have higher wages and higher labor costs. Therefore, the manpower investment to produce 3mm aluminium sheet also determines 3mm aluminium sheet price.
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3mm aluminium sheet price of aluminum sheet manufacturers is lower

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