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European 5052 aluminum plate for Antique metal tile

Antique metal tile is a very common building material. It is mostly used in some European antique-style buildings, it has a great effect on the maintenance and repair of ancient buildings. It can also add features to modern buildings and combine the ancient and modern buildings. The combination of function, structure and art gives people a good visual impact.

The metal antique tile uses 3003 aluminum plate or 5052 aluminum plate as the base material, with a fluorocarbon paint coating on the surface, which has a beautiful appearance and a very strong structure. Metal antique tiles can replace traditional glazed tiles, clay tiles, cement tiles, asphalt tiles, resin tiles, etc. They are not easy to burn, can withstand harsh environments, are resistant to wind and pressure, and are light in weight, which can reduce the load on the building and are easy to Design and construction. In addition, aluminum alloy can be recycled and will not cause harm or impact to the natural environment. Based on these excellent properties, metal antique tiles have been widely used in many European buildings.

5052 aluminum plate is a common raw material for metal antique tiles in Europe, and its performance determines the quality of the product. 5052 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy and has excellent properties, such as good corrosion resistance, high plasticity, excellent workability, and good weldability. 5052 aluminum plate is suitable for automobiles, ships, LCD back panels, tank materials, door panels, high-voltage switch housings and other fields, and the market demand is large.


How to choose a good 5052 aluminum plate manufacturer?

5052 aluminum sheet is one of the most popular products in the aluminum sheet series. At present, there are many large and small manufacturers in the market. When purchasing, try to choose the source manufacturer as much as possible. The price is relatively advantageous. Secondly, it is necessary to strictly control product quality, and manufacturer who pay attention to quality and quality are worthy of cooperation. Then there is the reputation of manufacturer, user reputation is a process of continuous accumulation, for manufacturer with good reputation, the quality of their products can withstand the inspection of the public.

5052 aluminum plate manufacturer choose Mingtai Aluminum-more professional and more reliable

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum sheet manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing. 5052 aluminum sheet is the company’s superior product, with high sales and wide use, and is well-acclaimed in the European market. Mingtai 5052 aluminum alloy plate is made of high-quality raw materials and processed with advanced equipment. The product has stable performance and high quality. The company can customize the production according to user needs. The width of the 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate reaches 2650mm, which can meet the needs of different industries.

Not only that, Mingtai Aluminum also has strong research and development capabilities. The recently launched 5052A aluminum sheet and 5052B aluminum sheet are modified alloys of 5052 aluminum sheet, its performance is not inferior to the traditional 5052. It can be used instead in some fields, and more importantly, it has the advantages of low carbon, economy and high cost performance. If you are interested, you can consult us online or send us an email.

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