European 3004 aluminum foil/plate for barbecue and spiral lamp holder

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European 3004 aluminum foil for barbecue

Barbecue aluminum foil paper is generally made of European 3004 aluminum foil, food grade, silver-white in appearance, good ductility, and high temperature resistance. This kind of disposable aluminum foil paper is convenient to use, safe, hygienic, has no peculiar smell, does not leak, has good and uniform thermal conductivity and heating effect, and can be used in ovens, steamers, etc. to be directly heated on the original packaging.


The barbecue has a unique flavor and is loved by many people. Many European families have also bought home barbecues. Outdoor barbecues in summer can enjoy the food and the process is full of fun! When barbecues, the baking tray or food is often wrapped in aluminum foil. The former is for cleaning, so as not to contaminate the cooking utensils due to grease or other substances in the food. The aluminum foil wraps the food for grilling, which can make the heating more even and reduce the situation where part of the food is baked and the part has not been fully heated.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer. The European 3004 aluminum foil for barbecue has undergone strict pinhole testing, degreasing technology and plate type control. The surface is clean, free of oil, bright lines and other inclusions. The product is safe and hygienic, and has high elongation. , Good airtightness, can well protect the quality of the wrapper. Mingtai Aluminum’s European 3004 aluminum foil has excellent quality and has established cooperation with the European market, which is well received. If you have any needs, you can contact us by email!

European 3004 aluminum plate for spiral lamp holder

There are many types of lamp holders, and the selection of materials is slightly different. At present, most major European lighting factories and lighting material companies use European 3004 aluminum plate to make spiral lamp caps. Some fluorescent lamp caps (non-spiral lamp caps) may use 1 series or 3 series, as well as LED lamp accessories and other materials. 1 series of materials.

6061-O/T6 aluminum plate in USA

European 3004 aluminum plate is a deformed aluminum alloy, with a tensile strength greater than or equal to 275 MPA, and an elongation rate of up to 20%; it has good deep drawing performance and is suitable for thinning, stretching and lightweight to reduce the amount of material. The requirements for each process of the tank material are strict. Our company Strictly control each process, so that the product has appropriate strength and formability.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer, long-term supply of European 3004 aluminum plates for spiral lamp holders, the usual thickness is 0.2-0.6mm, the state is O state, and it can be used for both ends of LED lamp screw or electric rod. As a direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturer, Mingtai supports customized products with high quality and favorable prices. If you have any needs, you can contact us by email!

European 3004 aluminum foil/sheet price

The price of European 3004 aluminum foil/sheet is related to the specific alloy grade, thickness, width, length, and state, as well as the strength of the manufacturer, the input cost, and the sales method. If you want to know the specific quotation, you must first determine the required product specifications, and the specific consultation with the manufacturer shall prevail. Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing, with assured quality and fair prices. If you have any needs, you can contact us by email!

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