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Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal

Embossed aluminum sheet metal refers to aluminum checker plate, tread plate, chequered plate,etc. Our Mingtai Aluminum supplies and manufactures aluminum embossed sheet with prime quality, customizable spes, as well as preferential prices. For example, there are popular 3003 aluminum checker plate, 1060 aluminum tread plate, etc. And the surface patterns are diamond, big or five bars, etc.
embossed aluminum sheet metal

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Meta Classification

N fact. There are two main ways to classify embossed aluminum sheet metal.First, they are classified by surface pattern, and then by use.

Classify by Surface Pattern
There are many types of embossed aluminum sheet metal, but there are several common aluminum pedals, such as 5 bar aluminum pedal, aluminum diamond plate.In addition, there are lentils, balls, waves, diamonds and so on.

embossed aluminum sheet metal

Classification by Applications
5 Series Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal
The different composition of the alloy in embossed aluminum sheet meta also makes the aluminum embossed sheet have different uses.Among them, the 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy aluminum pedal is more used for shipbuilding, car compartment and so on in the relatively humid environment, which is also because the 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy aluminum pedal has better corrosion resistance, rust resistance and hardness than the ordinary alloy aluminum embosses.

3 Series Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metall
In addition to the 5 series aluminum pedals, there are 3 series alloy manganese aluminum tire panels commonly used, also known as anti-rust aluminum plates.Same as the 5 series aluminum pedal.It is more rust resistant than ordinary alloy aluminum embossed board, mainly used in truck manufacturing and refrigerated flooring.Rust resistant aluminum embossed panels are commonly used for refrigeration, transportation and ship bulkheads.

embossed aluminum sheet metal

Mingtai Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal

Mingtai embossed aluminum sheet metal enjoys a high reputation in the global market for its high quality, stable process and superior performance. So here, if you are looking for aluminum checker plates, then don’t hesitated to contact us now ! Just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages ,we will offer the best price for you ! Come on !


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