Diamond tread plate

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What is a diamond tread plate?

Let’s see what a diamond tread plate is. There are many types of aluminum tread plates, commonly used are 5 bar tread plates and diamond tread plates. Their wide application is attributed to their performance, which is both practical and decorative. Some people also call the diamond tread plate 1 bar aluminum tread plate. Because the surface of the pattern is very shiny, like a diamond, it has such a name. It is easy to manufacture, and the raised pattern has good slip resistance. It has good forming, drilling and welding capabilities and is widely used in decorative, shipbuilding and construction applications.
Diamond tread plate

Diamond tread plate and 5 bar tread plate:

The diamond tread plate and the 5 bar tread plate are the two most commonly used pattern types, and they have similarities and differences.
The diamond tread plate has a beautiful diamond pattern and is usually used in various furniture. Widely used in refrigerators, solar heat reflectors, aluminum decorative products, lamps, air conditioners, ventilation pipes, mechanical equipment shells, etc. Embossed finishes can increase the thickness and strength of aluminum. Some shiny products can also be used for architectural decoration.
The pattern of the 5 bar tread plate is like a willow leaf, so it is also called a willow leaf aluminum tread plate. It is widely used in building (floor) platform design, etc. Since the patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate are arranged in relatively parallel according to five convex patterns, and the angle between each pattern and the other patterns is 60-80 degrees, this pattern has excellent slip resistance.
It can be seen that the slip resistance of the diamond tread plate is slightly lower than that of the 5 bar tread plate, but it is highly decorative. Moreover, the price of diamond tread plate is also higher.
Diamond tread plate

Diamond tread plate aluminium checker plate price:

Many customers will ask a question: Why is the aluminum checker plate price so different? Today, we will popularize the factors that affect the aluminum checker plate price.
1. There is a relationship with the alloy of the diamond tread plate. Different alloy prices have different prices. The lowest price is the 1060 diamond tread board, which is not only lightweight, but also the lowest price. It is the most sold product on the market, but it is not as good as alloy materials in terms of hardness and rust resistance, such as 3003 5052 5754 6061.
2. The width will affect the aluminum checker plate price. The conventional width is between 1000-1250mm, the price will increase when the width is increased, and the width that Mingtai can produce is within 2600mm. It is recommended to use regular width to reduce the price.
3. Pattern affects the price of aluminum plate: the price of aluminum tread plate with different patterns is different. The slightly cheaper is the 5 bar tread plate, while the diamond tread plate is more expensive.


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