Diamond checker plate

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Mingtai diamond checker plate for sale:

The diamond checker plate is a commonly used aluminum alloy plate, mainly including five-rib series and pointer series, etc. It is currently widely used in work platforms, carriages, ship bilges, cold storage, and workshop anti-skid. Mingtai diamond checker plate for sale has a width of 100-1850mm, please contact us if you need it. Mingtai is a large aluminum plate manufacturer with direct sales and favorable prices.
Diamond checker plate

Commonly used diamond checker plate:

1. The choice of aluminum alloy is usually: the aluminum floor plate of cold storage, carriage, and ship bilge is usually 1060-H24 aluminum plate with a thickness of 3.0mm. This series of aluminum plates do not need to be suspended and does not bear weight. So there is no need to choose high-strength, high-hardness aluminum plates.
2. For special places (such as places that need to be suspended, or where high corrosion or easy to rust and corrosion), it is recommended to use 5052 or 6061 anti-rust diamond checker plate. This series of aluminum plates have excellent rust and corrosion resistance.
3. For suspended places where workers need to step on, it is recommended to use a harder alloy series with a thickness of not less than 6.0mm. This series and thickness of non-slip aluminum plates can maximize the safety of the staff and ensure the safety of the aluminum plates. Service life.
Diamond checker plate

Diamond checker plate for sale price:

The aluminum plate is usually called an aluminum flat plate. Aluminum tread plate is rolled by a roller press (about this meaning). A convex pattern is formed on the surface of the aluminum flat plate. There are many kinds of pattern plates, the most common is 5 bar aluminum tread plate, Under the same material, 5 bar aluminum tread plate is more expensive than an aluminum flat plate. Mingtai diamond checker plate for sale can reasonably customize material specifications according to customer needs, minimize labor and material loss, and create value for customers in a true sense.
Diamond checker plate

Diamond tread aluminum specifications:

1. Thickness: 0.8-12mm, width: 1000-1850mm, material: 1060/5052/5754
2. Pattern type: Big five bars, small five bars, three bars, pointer type.
Diamond checker plate

Aluminum tread plate application:

1. Decorative curtain wall panels, color-coated aluminum panels (various kinds of roller coating, plate rib processing)
2. Architectural decoration anti-skid decorative aluminum alloy (big five-strip type, small five-strip type, pointer type), corrugated aluminum plate (various pressure types).
3. Aluminum coil (heat preservation, anti-corrosion), aluminum tape, pipe packaging aluminum skin, used in chemical, power and other industries
4. Special aluminum soft strip, aluminum welded plate, and aluminum cover panel for electrolytic expansion.
5. Various hot-rolled alloy plates are used for molds, processing, etc.


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