Automotive aluminum sheet price specifications

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Automotive aluminum sheet price specification introduction:

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, more and more cars have entered the homes of ordinary people, and cars have also brought more convenience to people’s lives. The demand for cars continues to increase, and the technology continues to improve. Many cars are made of aluminum sheet, and the application of Automotive aluminum sheet has also increased. Then, what are the commonly used Automotive aluminum sheet price specifications? This article will introduce in detail.
Automotive aluminum sheet

1050 Automotive aluminum sheet specification details:

1050 aluminum plate for automobile
Thickness: 0.1-500mm
Width: 20-2650mm
Length: 500-16000mm
Product status: F, O, H12, H14, H16H18, H19, H22, H24H26, H28, H111, H112, H114
Application areas: PS board base, signs, lamps, heat sinks, stamping parts, auto parts, battery flexible connections, etc.
Automotive aluminum sheet

6061 Automotive aluminum sheet specification details:

6061 aluminum plate for automobile
Thickness: 0.3-500mm
Width: 100-2800mm
Length: 500-16000mm
Product status: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112
Applicable fields: mobile phone card slot, mobile phone case, mold, automobile, mask machine, precision machining, etc.
Automotive aluminum sheet

6082 Automotive aluminum sheet specification details:

6082 aluminum sheet for automobile
Thickness: 0.3-600
Width: 100-2600
Length: 500-16000
Product status: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112
Application fields: mobile phones, camera lenses, industrial molds, auto parts, etc.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet price:

According to market data, the automotive aluminum sheet price is uneven. This mainly needs to be combined with the specific product specifications, thickness, and status selected by the user. It should also be combined with market conditions and aluminum ingot prices for comprehensive accounting and quotation. The specific quotation is different due to different needs, and the process and performance of products of different specifications are also different. Specific quotations are required. It is recommended that users directly contact professional automotive aluminum sheet manufacturers for detailed quotations.
Automotive aluminum plate

Mingtai Automotive aluminum sheet manufacturer:

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