Automotive aluminum alloys

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Automotive aluminum alloys background:

With the rapid development of economy and technology, the transportation network has become very large and complicated. It is undeniable that the development of automobiles has brought us a lot of convenience. However, due to over-development, the harm brought to the city has become increasingly prominent. For example, traffic problems that lead to traffic jams, frequent car accidents, and affecting the appearance of the city; environmental problems such as environmental pollution and energy consumption. These problems have affected urban life and need to attract people’s attention and be resolved as soon as possible. The significance of developing intelligent transportation is to alleviate these two problems. For the car itself, if car lightweighting is implemented, the second problem can be alleviated. Briefly introduce automotive aluminum alloys.
Automotive aluminum alloys

One of automotive aluminum alloys 5182 aluminum alloy:

One of the automotive aluminum alloys 5182 aluminum alloy is 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy. It is characterized by good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and moderate strength. In car lightweighting technology, the lightweighting of car door guards is an indispensable part. The existence of the door guard is not only for the purpose of beautiful decoration, it is more focused on providing passengers with more comfortable and reliable operability, and if there is a collision, there is also a protective effect.
5182 aluminum sheet is widely used in front and rear covers and door guards of automobiles. After customer feedback, the alloy has good stamping effect, no cracks after stamping, and the weight reduction effect of the automobile is significant.
Automotive aluminum alloys

One of automotive aluminum alloys 6061 aluminum alloy:

6061 aluminum alloy is a representative product among 6 series alloys, and has good performance after hot rolling. After continuous hot rolling, aluminum plates with different thicknesses can be formed. The product has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, no deformation after processing, easy coating, and good oxidation effect.
6061 aluminum alloy is mainly used for automobile wheels in car lightweighting. Automobile wheels are an important part of automobiles, accelerating the process of automobile lightweight. In the early days, aluminum alloy wheels were widely used in the united states and japan. The 6061 aluminum alloy used for automobile wheels is mostly thick plate, which can better reduce the weight of the car body. At the same time, during the driving process of the car, 6061 aluminum alloy has good fatigue resistance and wear resistance. 6061 can also be used for auto parts alloy aluminum plate.
Automotive aluminum alloys

Advantages of automotive aluminum alloys:

1. Car lightweighting. The proportion of aluminum is only one-third of that of stainless steel, which reduces the weight of the body and saves fuel.
2. Automotive aluminum alloys with special oxidation treatment have good corrosion resistance, uv resistance and scratch resistance. What is important is that the specific gravity is only one third of that of stainless steel, which reduces the weight of the body and saves fuel.
3. The surface of automotive aluminum alloys has an oxide film and does not require galvanizing.
4. When impacted by external force, it can absorb the impact force well and protect the safety of the driver and passengers to the greatest extent.
5. After the car is scrapped, automotive aluminum alloys can be recycled. The loss of aluminum is only about 5%, and its recycling performance is higher than other metals.


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