Automotive Aluminum 5754

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Automotive Aluminum 5754

5754 aluminum sheet’s typical use in addition to a variety of pressure vessels, transport tank, ship structure, but also involved in the field of automobile manufacturing.Based on the superior performance of automotive aluminum 5754, it is favored by automobile manufacturers and is widely used in the manufacture of automobile doors, trunk LIDS, bonnets and other automobile parts.Do not look down upon these components, they for the realization of car lightweight development, reduce fuel consumption, protect the safety of passengers play an important role.

automotive aluminum 5754

Advantages of Automotive Aluminum 5754

1, light, automotive aluminum 5754 small density, medium and high strength.
2, good formability, plasticity, easy to process.
3, high welding effect, low crack tendency.
4, good fatigue performance and corrosion resistance, durable.
automotive aluminum 5754

How much is Automotive Aluminum 5754 ?

How much is automotive aluminum 5754 ?The price of aluminum plate is mainly determined by aluminum ingot price and processing fee, but also related to the specific specifications and status of aluminum plate.You know, 5754 aluminum plate has a number of different states, and many specifications, and each customer needs the aluminum plate requirements are different, so the quotation is not the same.For the conventional specifications of the aluminum plate, eliminating the step of cutting again, the price is relatively low.For special specifications, the processing complexity is higher, the price is relatively expensive.Send email, send the specific requirements of the aluminum plate (specification, use, dosage), you can get the quotation within 20 minutes.
automotive aluminum 5754

Mingtai Automotive Aluminum 5754 Alloy Manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a large modern aluminum plate manufacturer, in the field of automotive aluminum plate research attainments are quite deep, the company’s production of automotive aluminum 5754, 5052 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate has been successfully used in a variety of auto parts.According to the market feedback, Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional automobile aluminum manufacturer with stable performance, quality assurance and reasonable price.Sincerely welcome everyone to come to consult procurement!


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