Auto aluminum 6061 for automotive wheels

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Auto aluminum is an excellent lightweight material for cars

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrialization in various countries in the world, energy saving and emission reduction has become more and more important. How to reduce car carbon emissions has become an important issue in various countries. Statistics show that for every 1kg of car weight reduction, the car’s life cycle will reduce 17 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. However, among various lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber and magnesium alloy can reduce the weight of the car body very well, but the cost and price are too high, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to bear. The auto aluminum has the advantages of light weight, strong structure and moderate price.
automotive aluminum sheet

Auto aluminum is cost-effective

Auto aluminum is very suitable. In practical applications, the comprehensive cost performance is higher than steel, magnesium, plastic and other materials. It has great advantages in automobile safety and resource recycling. At present, automotive aluminium is mainly used for spare parts of new energy vehicles, such as body parts, chassis, wheels, power batteries, seats and other parts. For example, 6061 aluminum plate is used for automobile wheels, 5052 aluminum plate is used for automobile fuel tanks, and 5083 aluminum plate is used for air reservoirs.
automotive aluminum sheet

Can auto aluminum 6061 t6 aluminum plate be bent?

6061 t6 aluminum plate has stable performance and high hardness. In addition to being used as auto aluminum, it can also be widely used in fields such as card construction, ships, furniture, machinery, molds and so on. 6061 t6 aluminum plate can be bent, but the hardness of t6 tempering is very high. 6061 t6 aluminum plate is easy to wrinkle or crack on the side of the curved surface. In contrast, 6061-o aluminum plate is more suitable for bending, but because it is too soft, it basically does not use softened and tempered 6061 aluminum plate for bending.
automotive aluminum sheet

Advantages of auto aluminum 6061 medium thick aluminum plate

1. Aluminum alloy car wheels reduce body weight and save energy consumption;
2. The auto aluminum has good roundness. The precision is up to two thousandths of an inch. When the wheels are running, the balance is good, which can eliminate the general body bumps and steering wheel jitter.
3. Good heat dissipation. At 20 degrees celsius, the thermal conductivity of the metal: Aluminum alloy is 0.53, steel is 0.18, chromium is 0.16, auto aluminum thermal conductivity is three times that of steel, the best heat dissipation effect. When a car travels at high speed, a lot of heat is generated due to the friction between the tire and the ground. The aluminum alloy wheels can maintain the proper temperature of the tire, extend the service life of the tire, and reduce the risk of tire puncture.
4. Sturdy and durable. Auto aluminum makes the aluminum alloy wheels have better impact resistance, tensile strength and thermal strength.
5. Beautiful appearance. Generally, steel wheels are monotonous and dull due to production methods, and lack of beautification. Auto aluminum wheels have many styles. Add gloss and color effects to enhance the beauty of the car.
6. Light and quick operation. Due to the good roundness, the steering wheel can be controlled as desired, and it is light and flexible when turning.


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