Aluminum sheet price calculation method

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Aluminum sheet price calculation method:

Many friends do not know how to calculate the aluminum sheet price, especially for those who have not been in contact with aluminum plates for a long time, they must have a headache for the calculation of aluminum sheet price. But don’t worry about it. Today, our Mingtai Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer will explain the calculation method of aluminum plate price to you and help you. And it can help you better understand the aluminum sheet price. At the same time, ours is a more comprehensive calculation method combination. In the later application, you can also calculate according to different thicknesses, different states, and different alloys.
Aluminum sheet price has different classification calculation methods. The common calculation method is to classify according to weight. The specific algorithm is as follows:
aluminum alloy sheet

Specific steps to calculate aluminum sheet price:

1. First confirm the volume of the aluminum plate purchased, that is, understand the width, length, and thickness of the aluminum plate in detail, and use meters as the basic unit for calculation.
2. Calculate the total weight of the aluminum plate. The total weight of aluminum plate (unit: ton) = length × thickness × width × aluminum density (2.71) × number of aluminum plates
3. Calculate the exact price per ton of this type of aluminum plate: the price of aluminum ingots on the day + the processing fee of the product by the manufacturer + freight
4. Multiply the total weight of the aluminum plate by the Aluminum plate price per ton, which is an accurate quotation for the product.
aluminum alloy sheet

Example of aluminum sheet price calculation:

We take 500 aluminum sheets with a width of 1200mm, a length of 2400mm, and a thickness of 3mm aluminum sheet as an example:
The first step: first calculate the weight of the product:
1.2×2.4×3.0×2.71×0.001×500=11.7072 tons.
Step 2: If the price of aluminum ingots on the day is 15,000 yuan/ton, and the processing fee of the aluminum sheet manufacturer is 2,000 yuan per ton, then the quotation from Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer is (15,000+2000)×11.7072=199022.4 yuan if you still pay to Need to export, plus the transportation fee to the freight port is the specific quotation for this batch of goods.
The weight calculation and price calculation of aluminum plates should be grasped quickly through these formulas and contents. These are Mingtai Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer’s sharing of all the contents of the aluminum plate price calculation method and the overall calculation skills steps for you. I hope that it can help you better so that you can better understand the aluminum sheet price calculation.


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