Aluminum Plate for Car-Parts

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Alloys of Aluminum Plate for-Car Parts

5182 Aluminum Plate for Car-Parts

aluminum plate for car-parts are mainly for automobile doors, front and rear covers, fenders and other parts. The 5182 aluminum plate has strong performance stability and good stamping effect. After stamping, there is no crack.
At present, the thickness range of 5182 aluminum alloy plate is 0.15-600mm, and the width range is 20-2600mm (cut according to customer requirements).

aluminum plate for car parts

5052 Aluminum Plate for Car-Parts

5052 aluminum plate for car-parts is mainly used for automobile top plate, bottom guard plate, gas storage tank and other parts. It has good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, stable and reliable product performance, and is deeply recognized by the market.
The thickness range of 5052 aluminum platefor auto parts can be produced: 0.1-600mm, width: 20-2650mm, and the specific specifications can be customized on demand.
aluminum plate for car parts

6061 Aluminum Plate for Car-Parts

Automobile doors, automobile front and rear covers, wheels, fenders, lifters and other components can be applied to 6061 aluminum alloy strips. This product has mature technology, can be welded, has good oxidation effect, has a certain strength, and is not easy to process after processing It is deformable and easy to coat, so it is widely used in automobile lightweight and has a good reputation in the market.

6061 aluminum plates for auto parts can be produced. The thickness range: 0.30-600mm and the width range: 150-2600mm. For specific details, please consult the manufacturer’s professional and technical personnel for communication.

aluminum plate for car parts

Prices of Aluminum Plate for-Car Parts

There are many types and specifications of aluminum plate for car parts, and the price difference is large. The specifications of the aluminum strips used for auto parts are different, and the prices are different. The specific price of aluminum strips for auto parts depends on your actual situation. For production requirements, consult the professional and technical personnel of the manufacturer, and the professionals will recommend reasonable specifications of aluminum strips for auto parts according to your needs, and provide you with a more detailed, preferential and accurate quotation.


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