Aluminum plate for car front cover

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Introduction of Aluminum plate for car front cover

The car door is a channel for the driver and passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. It can isolate the interference outside the car, reduce the side impact to a certain extent, and protect the occupants. Under the requirements of safety, environmental protection and energy saving, lightweight cars have become a trend in the market. The front and rear covers of the car and the four door guards of the car are collectively referred to as “four doors and two covers”. After a long period of research and development experiments, aluminum plates for four doors and two covers for automobiles have become relatively mature products on the market. Aluminum plate for car front cover is commonly used products in the market, mainly including 5182 aluminum plate and 5083 aluminum plate.
automotive aluminum plate

Advantages of Mingtai aluminum plate for car front cover

1. Aluminum plate for car front cover 5182 has a good stamping effect and no cracks after stamping.
2. The automotive aluminum produced by Mingtai has beautiful appearance, good molding performance, high safety factor, and obvious curing effect of baking paint.
3. After strict audit by SGS, Mingtai Aluminum has obtained the quality management system certification issued by SGS certification body. This proves that the product meets the needs of aluminum in the automotive sector.
Aluminum plate for car front cover

Specifications of aluminum plate for car front cover

Typical alloy 5182 aluminum plate
Aluminum plate state F,O,H12,H14,





H112,H114,H 116,H321

Thickness(mm) 0.3-600
Width(mm) 20-2600
Length(mm) 500-16000
Product Usage Marine aluminum plates, LNG storage tanks, tank trucks, aluminum alloy cans, etc.

automotive aluminum plate

Mingtai Aluminum automotive aluminum plate manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is one of the top ten aluminum sheet manufacturers in China. It can take orders for 8-5000 tons of aluminum plates. Customized on demand, 7-35 days delivery, stable product quality, global export, affordable price, worry-free purchase!
automotive aluminum plate

Advantages of aluminum plate for car front cover

1. Specially oxidized aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance. It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and scratches; and its specific gravity is only one third of that of stainless steel, reducing the weight of the car body and saving fuel;
2. There is an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum plate, which does not require galvanizing;
3. When impacted by external force, it can well absorb the impact force and protect the driver and passengers to the greatest extent;
4. Aluminum alloy materials are easy to recycle, and the loss of aluminum is only about 5%, and its regeneration performance is higher than other metals.


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