Aluminum foil manufacturer in Thailand

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Aluminum foil manufacturer in Thailand

Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum foil manufacturer in Thailand, we can supply various specifications of high-quality aluminum foil to Thailand. Aluminum has a low density and has the advantage of good ductility, which makes it easy to process into aluminum foil. And different grades of aluminum alloys also have the advantages of high tensile strength, light weight, not easy to rust, and recyclable, meeting the needs of almost all products in all walks of life.

Mingtai Aluminum provides customized production services for 1-8 series aluminum foil. Customers need to send the required specifications (alloy grade, width, thickness) and quantity of aluminum foil to our email “”, and then we will arrange the sales staff to give you a quotation (including: FOB CFR or CIF, delivery time, quotation validity period, etc.).

Aluminum foil product specification range

Alloy grade: 1-8 series;
Temper: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114;
Thickness: 0.015mm-0.2mm;
Width: 400mm-2650mm;
length: Coil;

MOQ of Aluminum Foil Products

1. Width less than 1500mm (excluding 1500mm): 10 tons/per specification

2. The width is more than 1500mm and less than 2000mm (excluding 2000mm): 12 tons/per specification

3. The width is more than 2000mm: 15 tons/per specification

As a leading aluminum foil manufacturer in Thailand, we serve a wide range of industries including smart home, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, automotive and food industries. The most important thing is that we constantly understand the latest demands and production environment of various industries, take the needs of customers as the starting point, improve the performance of our aluminum foil products, keep up with the development of the times, and remove technical obstacles for customers. Welcome customers in Thailand to contact us to order aluminum foil!

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