Mingtai Aluminum Diamond Plate Manufacturer

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Mingtai Aluminum Diamond Plate Manufacturer

Mingtai aluminum diamond plate manufacturer mainly produces 1-5 series aluminum checker plates. And the alloy grade mainly includes 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX and 6XXX series plates.Among them, 1060 aluminum diamond plate is a common aluminum plate, widely used in cold storage, anti-skid subway, anti-skid stairs and other places.So, what should you know when you choose aluminum diamond plate?Here, we take Mingtai aluminium diamond plate manufacturer as an example to make a detailed introduction.
aluminum diamond plate manufacturer

<2>Notes for Aluminum Diamond Plate Manufacturer

1. The ventilation
Ventilation attention should be paid to the requirements of aluminum checker plate in production environment.Attention should be paid to good ventilation quality.This is also a necessary condition to ensure the quality of products.And in terms of use, it needs to meet the requirements of consumers.


The requirement of aluminum tread plate needs to keep the production environment clean.Care must be taken to clean the dirt on the production line to ensure that there is no grease or dirt during production.
aluminum diamond plate manufacturer
3.Personnel protection
In aluminum diamond plate production project, it is necessary to pay close attention to the protection of production personnel.Aluminum is toxic. Excessive intake of aluminum can affect nerve cells, so it is necessary to protect production personnel and ensure the safety of producers in the production process.

Selection Factors of Aluminum Diamond Plate Manufacturer

The aluminium diamond plate produced by qualified large-scale factory uses special material, the surface of the plate is smooth and bright, the pattern is clear and tidy, the aluminum plate is flat, and the surface is free of oil stains, scratches and scratches. In contrast, the waste aluminum material used in the aluminium checker plate produced by a small factory has dark surface, unclear pattern, unqualified, uneven surface, unqualified performance and poor quality.
aluminum diamond plate manufacturer
Aluminium diamond plate is divided into pure aluminum and alloy, its prices naturally vary.The processing cost of aluminum patterned plates produced by a qualified aluminum diamond plate manufacturer is thousands of yuan per ton, and the price of alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum.The price of aluminum sheet from qualified manufacturers is about 20% to 30% higher than that of inferior aluminum sheet.When enterprises pay too much attention to comparing prices and buy substandard products, it is too late to repent.


From the production line of aluminum diamond plate manufacturer to the workshop of the company, there are many links in the process of packaging, loading, transportation, storage and unpacking.Aluminium diamond plate inevitably has defects such as oxidation and scraping.Large – scale, considerate service of aluminum diamond plate suppliers will provide users with return and exchange services, and solve the worries for users.


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