Aluminum Coil Suppliers with High Reputation

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Aluminum Coil Suppliers with Complete Specs

There are aluminum coil suppliers supplying hot 1100 aluminum coil, 3003, 3105, 5052, 6061, 8011 aluminum coil aluminum coil aluminum coil.Includes 1100 H14, 1100 H16, 5052 H32, 3003 H14, 3105 H24, 6061-T6 and other tempering, in a variety of thicknesses and custom specifications.Most exciting of all, there are Aluminum Coil Suppliers offering the best price for aluminum coil!We have to mention that MingtaiAluminum Industry, the largest aluminum coil suppliers in China, produces and supplies the most complete specifications, high surface quality, excellent performance and stability of aluminum coil.Because the Ming Tai aluminum coil for manufacturers direct sales, aluminum coil prices are 30% lower than competitors, in the market is very competitive!

aluminum coil suppliers

High Reputation Aluminum Coil Suppliers

As is known to all, the application of aluminum coil involves many aspects.Such as ACP (aluminum composite plate), CTP board, ROP (anti-theft cap), tank body and other construction, manufacturing, structural parts of the field of aluminum coil.The aluminum coil makes up for the defect that the aluminum plate cannot be processed flexibly, which greatly facilitates our processing operation.Mingtai Aluminum is most proud of its reputation as one of the top aluminum coil suppliers in the global market.At present, the Mingtai aluminum coil has been sold to Southeast Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Australia and other regions and countries.

aluminum coil suppliers

Among them, our major customer in Canada purchased 207 tons of 5052 aluminum coils from us for the first time.There are 11 sizes available, including 0.125 x 48 x 120 (in.) 20,000 pounds, 0.125 x 60 x 120 (in.), and 20,000 pounds.Now, this Canadian customer has been working with Mingtai aluminum coil suppliers for many years.

In addition, our New Zealand customer purchased 180 tons of 5052 H32 aluminum coil.The Vietnamese customer purchased 150 tons of CTP 1050 aluminum coil.Turkey customer procured 150 tons of ACP (aluminum composite plate) 1100 aluminum coil, etc.

aluminum coil suppliers

Mingtai Aluminum Coil Supplier

Welcome to Mingtai Aluminum ! Here, Mingtai is one of large aluminum coil suppliers. So, there is not only complete aluminum coils with complete alloy grades, temper, specs, as well as preferential factory direct price ! Therefore, if you are interested in our aluminum coil, then just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages, we will quickly offer the best price for you ! Come on !


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