Aluminum Chequer Plate

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What is aluminum chequer plate?

What is aluminum chequer plate? Simply put, it is an aluminum plate with a pattern on the surface. At the same time, some people will call it aluminum tread plate or diamond tread plate. This depends on the type of pattern on the aluminum plate, which we will introduce in detail below. In addition, different types of different occasions will be used, such as aluminum floor plate is generally 5 bars. If you need a good decoration, it is best to use a diamond tread plate.
Aluminum Chequer Plate

Classification of aluminum chequer plate according to alloy:

1. Pure aluminum alloy. The aluminum chequer plate made of 1060 aluminum plate can adapt to the usual environment and has a low price. Usually, this patterned aluminum plate is used for cold storage, flooring and outer packaging. Some people call it aluminum floor plate.
2. Aluminum alloy. Made with 3003 as the main material, this aluminum plate is also called anti rust aluminum plate. The strength is slightly higher than the general aluminum plate. It has a certain anti-rust function, but the hardness and corrosion resistance can not reach the 5000 series aluminum plate. Therefore, this product is used in applications where rust prevention is not required, such as truck models, and can also be used as an aluminum floor plate.
3. Aluminum magnesium alloy. It is made of 5000 series aluminum plates such as 5052, 5083, etc. It has good corrosion resistance, high hardness and anti-rust function. Usually used in special places, such as ships and cars and other humid environments. This series has high hardness and strong bearing capacity.
Aluminum Chequer Plate

The capacity of Mingtai producing aluminum chequer plate:

We explain from pattern type, alloy type, product specification and quality certification. First, it is about the pattern of aluminum chequer plate. Mingtai can produce orange peel pattern, 1 bar (diamond tread plate), 2 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar and so on. Secondly, it is about the alloy type. Aluminum chequer plates produced by Mingtai include 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series. Typical alloys are 1060, 3003, 5052 and 6061.
Aluminum Chequer Plate
Then, there is the limit value of product specifications. According to relevant regulations, the height of the pattern is not less than 0.2 times the thickness of the bottom plate. Specifically, the thickness of the bottom plates of series 1 and 3 should not be less than 0.8mm and higher than 9mm; the thickness of bottom plates of series 5 and 6 should not be larger than 8mm. As for the width, the maximum width of the 5 bar aluminum tread plate can be up to 2600mm. The length of the production range is between 2000-12000mm.
Last but not least, as one of the aluminum checker plate suppliers, Mingtai guarantees the quality of the aluminum chequer plate. Our products have passed the international quality management system ISO9001 certification, and the international environmental management system ISO14001 certification. All products meet the quality standards of GB / T 3880-2006, and have passed the SGS test, you can rest assured to use.


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