Aluminum checker plate suppliers

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Aluminum checker plate suppliers:

Choose a good Aluminum checker plate suppliers? I believe this is something that makes many buyers bald. With so many Aluminum checker plate suppliers, it is really hard to judge which one is good. Don’t worry, Mingtai Aluminum will teach you how to choose the manufacturer of Aluminum checker plate.
Aluminum checker plate suppliers

How to choose a good Aluminum checker plate suppliers:

1. Look at the thickness. The thickness, strength, and oxide film thickness of the plates selected by high-quality Aluminum checker plate suppliers should meet the national standards: aluminum plate thickness ≥1.2mm, tensile strength ≥157 N/mm2, yield strength ≥108 N/mm2, The oxide film thickness is ≥10 microns. If it does not meet the standard, it is a poor quality patterned aluminum plate.
2. Look at the processing. The regular large Aluminum Checker plate manufacturer shall pay attention to the materials, the surface of the plate is smooth and bright, the pattern is clear and neat, the Aluminum plate is flat, and the surface is free from grease, scratches, folds, and other defects; However, the aluminium Checker plate produced by the small factory is made of waste aluminum with the dim and lackluster surface, unclear pattern and irregular pattern, uneven surface, substandard performance, and poor quality.
Aluminum checker plate suppliers
3. Look at the price. The aluminum tread plate is divided into pure aluminum and alloy, and its price is naturally different. The processing cost of aluminum tread plate produced by regular aluminum checker plate suppliers is several thousand yuan per ton, and the price of the alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum. The price of aluminum sheet from regular manufacturers is about 20%-30% higher than that of an inferior aluminum sheet. When purchasing, enterprises must not simply compare prices. When buying substandard products, there will be many problems in later processing.
4. Look at the service. From the production line of the aluminum tread plate manufacturer to the workshop of the enterprise, there are many links in the middle of packaging, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking. The aluminum tread plate will inevitably appear defects such as oxidation and scratches. The scale is large and the service is good. Aluminum checker plate suppliers will provide users with return and exchange services to solve their worries.
Aluminum checker plate suppliers

Mingtai Aluminum checker plate suppliers:

Henan ming-Tai Aluminum industry is a large Aluminum checker plate suppliers/manufacturers, has Zhengzhou ming-Tai ming-Tai industrial co., LTD., Zhengzhou new material co., LTD., Zhengzhou CSR rail transportation equipment co., LTD., and so on six holding joint-stock enterprises, the company existing staff 5000 people, the total assets of 6 billion yuan, with 6 semicontinuous casting production lines, continuous casting and rolling production line 10, and other large processing equipment and 44, the annual output reached 1 million tons. It can produce one rib (also called pointer shape or gemstone pattern plate), two ribs, three ribs, 5 bar Aluminum tread plate, etc. The aluminum tread plate is widely used in construction, vehicles, ships, and another non-skid floor, decorations,s, and other fields. The market share of a rib pattern plate produced by the company in North America is 60-70%, among which the proportion of a rib pattern plate with a thickness of less than 1.6mm reaches 80%. If you need an Aluminum checker plate, please feel free to contact us:


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