Aluminium sheet 1mm price

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Is aluminium sheet 1mm price more expensive than aluminum plate?

This is related to the thickness of the aluminum plate. Let’s first know the thickness classification of aluminum plates. The raw material of aluminum plate is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material, which is made by processing (cutting or sawing). It is a rectangular material with a rectangular cross section and a uniform thickness. Internationally, aluminum materials with a thickness of more than 0.2mm, less than 500mm, more than 200mm width and a length of less than 16m are called aluminum plates or sheets. People are used to classify aluminium sheet 1mm as aluminum sheet. However, the thinner aluminum products are, the more expensive they are, depending on the alloy.
Aluminium sheet 1mm

Alloy is one of the factors that affect the aluminium sheet 1mm price

Aluminium sheet 1mm alloy has 1,3,5,6,7 series. Under normal circumstances, the price increases in sequence, provided that the same specifications, tempering, quantity. Between the same series, different alloys will also affect the aluminium sheet 1mm price. There are three reasons for this phenomenon:
1.Production cost
Let’s take 7 series aluminum alloy as an example. The 7 series is Cu-Zn-Al alloy, which is difficult to produce and has a high probability of failure. The production cost is much higher than that of 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate.
2.Technical factors
The hardness of aluminum plates in series 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 increases in turn, and ordinary hot rolling mills cannot roll aluminum plates with high hardness. Advanced equipment and technical level are required.
3. Market factors
Because of the production cost and technical reasons, the supply of high strength alloys is very small, and the aluminium sheet 1mm price naturally rises.
Aluminium sheet 1mm

Use determines the aluminium sheet 1mm price

You may be wondering why the purpose can determine the aluminium sheet 1mm price? Because in most cases, the use is different, the alloy is also different. Aluminum plates can be used in a variety of situations: The appearance of a building; interior decoration (ceilings, walls, etc.); furniture cabinets; elevator decoration; signs; nameplates; interior and exterior decoration of vehicles; household appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc.); consumer electronics products (mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, USB drives, etc.). Aluminum plates are used for these purposes, and only a small part. It can be seen that the use can really determine the aluminium sheet 1mm price.
Aluminium sheet 1mm

Other factors affecting aluminium sheet 1mm price

1. Aluminum ingot price affects aluminium sheet 1mm price
Composition of aluminium sheet 1mm price: aluminum ingot price + processing fee. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates daily, and it is an uncertain factor.
2. Processing costs
The processing cost is determined by the above factors that we introduced in detail. Different aluminum plate manufacturers have different processing fees.
3. Transportation costs
For large scale aluminum industrial products, logistics and transportation is an important part of aluminum plate sales. The transportation distance and the quantity of goods all affect the transportation cost.
4. Quantity
This factor will also have a certain effect on the aluminium sheet 1mm price. It is recommended to cooperate directly with aluminum plate manufacturers. Knowing the wholesale price of the manufacturer will also help us to purchase later.


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