Influence of environment on aluminium checker plate sheet

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Brief introduction to aluminium checker plate sheet

Aluminium checker plate sheet is a type of aluminum plate manufacturing process, and its procedures are a bit more complicated than ordinary aluminum plates. The principle is to produce a plate with a pattern on the surface through a special processing technique. Common pattern types are diamond patterns, 2 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar and so on. The pattern formed by the appearance is not only a kind of decoration and beautification effect, but also bears the anti-skid effect in a special application environment. Just like the clearer the texture, the stronger the anti-skid and grip of the aluminium checker plate sheet.
aluminum checker plate

Aluminium checker plate sheet sizes

The aluminium checker plate sheet sizes are not fixed. In other words, we produce according to your requirements. Even if the normal size of aluminum plate is 4×8 aluminum plate, but this does not affect the aluminium checker plate sheet sizes you need. Common thickness specifications of aluminium checker plate sheet are 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm. In addition, aluminium checker plate sheet sizes are divided according to thickness: Thin plate (0.15mm-2.0mm), conventional plate (2.0mm-6.0mm), medium-thick plate (6.0mm-25.0mm), thick plate (25mm- 200mm) and extra thick plate (>200mm) and so on.
aluminum checker plate

Method for better storage of aluminium checker plate sheet

In order to ensure that the product is excellent in quality, preparation in the production environment is very necessary.
1. Pay attention to ventilation
Ensure that the environment is well ventilated, and pay attention to the quality of the ventilation.
2. Keep clean
Keeping the production environment clean requires regular cleaning of the production environment to ensure that there are no quality issues during product placement.
3. Pay attention to protection
The protection quality also needs to be paid attention to in protection. Ensure that there will not be a lot of toxicity in the production of this product, which will affect the safety of the producer.
After using the aluminium checker plate sheet, there will be residual stains, which are more important for its maintenance in daily life. You can use clean water or a little stain remover for cleaning. When the stain area becomes larger and larger, you must take care not to corrode the aluminium checker plate sheet.
aluminum checker plate

Mingtai aluminium checker plate sheet

Why buy Mingtai aluminium checker plate sheet? First of all, our business scope covers more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and the annual output of aluminum sheet and foil is 770,000 tons. We have enough order taking ability. Secondly, the aluminium checker plate sheet we produce covers many types of alloys. The most popular aluminum alloys are 5052 alloy, 1060 alloy, 3003 alloy and so on. Third, factory direct sales, which means that the aluminium checker plate sheet price is very low. Last but not least, responsible for each user, providing pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service for users.


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