Is aluminium checker plate price cheap? Yes, it’s true

May 11, 2020 No Comments News Mingtai2020

To know the aluminium checker plate price, we must first know its performance

First of all, the aluminum checker plate has a clear texture, is decorative, and has a strong anti-skid function. Moreover, it is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-slip, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, easy to coat, good in physical properties, and easy to process. Last but not least, its surface is easy to clean and has a long service life. Aluminum checker plate is made of aluminum plate as the raw material and processed by external mechanical processing. It is rolled on the basis of aluminum plate with a roller press, and then a convex pattern is formed on the surface. It can be seen that the production process is relatively simple, so the aluminium checker plate price is relatively cheap.
aluminium checker plate

The aluminium checker plate price is cheap because of its simple ingredients

Aluminium checker plate can also be called aluminum chequer plate, aluminum tread plate. There are many types of aluminum alloys, mainly 1,3,5,6 series. Taking 6061 aluminium checker plate as an example, it contains elements such as Mg, Si, Cu, etc. Therefore, the tendency of cracks during welding is small. The addition of Cu improves the plasticity during hot working and increases the heat treatment strengthening effect. The ingredients are simple, the mechanical properties are good, and naturally the aluminium checker plate price is cheap.
aluminium checker plate

Since the aluminium checker plate price is cheap, can you provide samples?

As a well-known manufacturer in china, mingtai aluminum’s service features are that the customer first is the purpose throughout. The aluminium checker plate price is not only cheap, but also provides free A4 size samples. Satisfy your need to first sample before deciding whether to purchase. In addition, we customize products on demand to ensure that your products are unique.
aluminium checker plate

Aluminium checker plate price is cheap or not depends on the manufacturer

Although there are many manufacturers of aluminum checker plate, but there are few manufacturers who can really make aluminum checker plate cheap and can guarantee product quality. Mingtai aluminum is such a manufacturer. Its patterned aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance and no stress corrosion cracking tendency. In the production process, the columnar crystal structure of the ingot is less, the crystal grains are fine, and the forging ability is strong. The aluminum checker plate produced at the same time has solderability and excellent solderability. Gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding are effective.
aluminium checker plate

Why mingtai aluminum aluminum tread plate is better?

The aluminum tread plate produced by mingtai aluminum has a dense and strong oxide film on the air surface, in order to prevent the intrusion of oxygen, so it has good corrosion resistance. Mingtai has mature processing technology, and its aluminium checker plate price has great advantages over other alloy grade products. Strictly control the content of impurity elements in the aluminum tread plate alloy, it is because we want to ensure a low tendency to crack during welding. And good formability, strong plasticity and easy processing. All in all, the aluminum tread plate quality is guaranteed, and the aluminium checker plate price is affordable. And these requirements just happen to meet us.


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