Aluminium Checker Plate Price Sri Lanka

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Aluminium Checker Plate in Sri Lanka

There are sri lanka best aluminium checker plate prices covering 1100-H14 chequered plate, 3003-H18, 1060, 5754, 6061 and other grade alloys. For the aluminium checker plate for sale, also generally named as aluminum chequered plate, tread plate, aluminum floor plate, as well as aluminum diamond and 5 bar tread plate detailedly. Due to its light weight, beautiful look, excellent ductility, processability, corrosion resistance, durability, economy, etc, aluminium checker plate in sri lanka is widely used for building, industry, manufacturing, transportation and various fields.
aluminium checker plate price sri lanka

Aluminium Checker Plate Price SriLanka Chequered Plate

Sri Lanka 1100-H14 Aluminium Checker Plate Price

The 1100-H14 aluminium checker plate price srilanka is more economic than other alloys. As we know, H14 tempered 1100 aluminum checker plate contains 99.00% Al, so it shows silvery white sheen, low strength, lighter weight, better  ductility, workability, etc. Here, Mingtai 1100-H14 tread checked plate has more mature technology, large-scale production, and direct ex-factory price. Therefore, Its price can cut costs by 30% compared to competitors !

aluminium checker plate price sri lanka

Sri Lanka 3003-H18 Aluminium Checker Plate Price

In addition, the H18 tempered 3003 aluminium checker plate price srilanka is highly cost-effective. This is because 3003 tread plate has higher strength than 1100 grade. And its corrosion resistance is comparable to that of 5 series plates. Besides, its brightness can reach 6061 alloy grade.

Of course, there are 3003 tread plates available in various temper, surface patterns such as big/ small 5 bars, diamond, as well as 4ft x 8ft and other specs, etc., to get the most out of it !

aluminium checker plate price sri lanka

Large Aluminium Checker Plate Supplier in Sri Lanka

In the market, there are lots of aluminum checker plate suppliers in sri lanka. Among them, Mingtai Aluminum enjoys a high reputation thanks to its excellent credit, fast delivery, superior quality, best properties, as well as preferential price ! So here, if you are looking for aluminium checker plate price sri lanka. Then don’t hesitated to inquiry us ! Just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages, we will quickly offer a most satisfactory price for you ! Come on !


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