Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

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Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

There are popular 3003-H14 aluminium checker plate 3mm with 5 Bars, 3 mm thickness x 4ft x 8ft 3003-H22 aluminium diamond tread plates, as well as common used 5086 H114, 5086 H116 aluminum diamond plates,etc. These 3mm aluminium checker plates all have high practicability. According to the different alloy grades and surface patterns, accordingly, aluminium checker plate 3mm was also used in various occasions. For example , the popular application in anti slip flooring, truck bed, trailers, boat floors, and other transportation, as well as wall cladding, wainscot, stairs,interior and exterior decoration,etc.
Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

Anti Slip Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

As we all know, aluminum checker plates are famous for their excellent skid resistance. And the most used is the anti-skid of the floor and all countertops. Among them, 4ft x 8ft 3003-H14 aluminium checker plate 3mm with 5 Bar pattern, widely used in anti slip flooring of trucks, boat, delivery van, emergency vehicle, floor walkway of cold room,etc. is shinier, clearer pattern, lighter texture, better workability, excellent corrosion resistance, and very cost-effective,etc.It is a star product that is very popular with global purchaser.
Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm
Other aluminium checker plate 3mm include 5086 aluminum diamond plates with various temper, such as popular 5086 H114, 5086 H116 tread plate,etc. They have better corrosion resistance than other alloy series, so are often used in extremely humid environments, playing a better anti-skid effect. Of course, they also come in a variety of patterns for your choice. In addition, Mingtai Al. as one of large aluminium checker plate suppliers, also has the inventory and processing capabilities to deliver the 3mm aluminium checker plate weight when you need it.
Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

Complete Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm Supply

Alloy Series Typical Alloy Surface Pattern Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
1 series 1100, 1060, 1050 diamond,               one/ single bar,     two bar, three bar, small five bar,                big five bar,      pointer shaped, etc H14, H1*,  H24, H2*, H111, H114, H11*, etc ≥0.8 100-1850 C
3 series 3003(4017),  3004, 3104, 3105 H14, H1*, H22, H2*, H11*, H32*, etc ≥0.8 100-1850 C
5 series 5086, 5754, 5052, 5083 H114, H116, H11*, H14, H1*,H22, H2*, H3*,H321, etc ≥0.8 100-1850 C
6 series 6061, 6082, 6063 T6,T651,H112, etc ≥0.8 100-1850 C

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