Different types of 8×4 aluminium sheet

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8×4 aluminium sheet only specifies length and width

Any thickness greater than 0.2mm and less than or equal to 500mm can be called 8×4 aluminium sheet. The 8×4 aluminium sheet only specifies the length and width, which are 8×4 feet. However, its thickness, alloy and use are all uncertain. There are different types of 8×4 aluminium sheet, including flat plate, tread plate, diamond plate and so on.
8x4 aluminium sheet

Typical application of 8×4 aluminium sheet

Mold industry: 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx. Foam molding, vacuum molding, rubber molding, injection molding, etc.
Pressure vessel industry: alloy 1xxx, 3xxx
Shipbuilding industry: Alloy 5xxx, 6xxx
Automotive industry: Alloy 5xxx
Machinery industry: alloy 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx
8x4 aluminium sheet

Advantages of 8×4 aluminium sheet

1. Excellent cutting performance
Compared with steel, the cutting speed of 8×4 aluminium sheet is 4 times faster. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy materials can shorten the mold manufacturing cycle. In addition, excellent cutting performance can greatly reduce the wear of cutting tools and extend their service life, thereby reducing production costs and material waste.
2. Low density design
The density is only 2700kg/m3, which is only 1/3 of the density of steel. The aluminum plate is easy to move and transport, and due to the light weight, the aluminum mold can be easily opened and closed.
3. Excellent thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of 8×4 aluminium sheet is 123W/m·K-170W/m·K, which is 4 times that of steel. Aluminum alloy can effectively shorten the cooling time of components.
8x4 aluminium sheet

8×4 aluminium sheet aluminum tread plate

1. Diamond 8×4 aluminium sheet. It is also an aluminum plate with excellent anti-skid ability, which has the same effect as five bars, but it is not often used.
2. Five-bar aluminum alloy tread plate. Good anti-skid ability is widely used in platform construction and design. The surface patterns are arranged according to five relatively parallel embossings, and an angle of 60-80 degrees is displayed between each pattern and other patterns, so the pattern has excellent anti-slip properties. Often used to make non-slip tape. At the same time, it has a good anti-skid effect and is cheap.
8x4 aluminium sheet

How to choose 8×4 aluminium sheet manufacturers?

1. The scale of aluminum sheet manufacturers. There are many manufacturers of aluminum sheets. Choosing a large aluminum plate manufacturer with qualifications, strong strength, advanced equipment and mature processing technology can ensure the quality of aluminum alloy plate production.
2. Services of aluminum plate manufacturers. The purpose of buying products is to use them. When a problem is discovered after receiving the goods, it is important for the manufacturer to solve the problem in a timely manner. Manufacturers without a perfect service system need to be cautious when placing orders.
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