8021 medicine foil in Bangladesh and Pakistan

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8021 medicine foil

In daily life, the application of 8021 medicine foil is very extensive and mature, the main uses of it is blister pack of medicine capsules, tablets, bag packaging of powder granules. Due to it is direct contact with the taken medicine product, so the performance requirements are very strict.

8021 medicine foil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is both a medicine foil manufacturers and supplier with 20 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality. Mingtai Aluminum can manufacture 8021 medicine foil in Bangladesh market with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers’ need. The surface of the 8021 medicine foil produced by Mingtai should be clean, flat, and evenly coated, without dense, continuous, and periodic pinholes, and the content of heavy metals should not exceed 0.25 parts per million. And ensure that during storage, pay attention to ventilation, moisture, dust, sunscreen, mildew, anti-corrosion candle gas and liquid. The distance between the box and the ground and wall is about 100mm, which is in line with the production and storage standards of medicinal aluminum foil.


8021 medicine foil specification

Alloy Material: 8021 aluminum alloy

Temper: O


Width: 200-1600mm

Length: All

Tensile Strength:80-110Mpa

8021 medicine foil advantage

It has excellent moisture resistance, barrier property, chemical resistance, chemical stability and hygienic properties, and can better protect the quality and performance of pharmaceuticals.

1.The surface is clean and hygienic, not easy to breed bacteria.

2.Non-toxic and odorless, it doesn’t threaten human health.

3.It is resistant to high and low temperature and will not cause oil infiltration due to temperature changes.

4.High hardness and tension, but easy to tear.

5.Opaque, avoids light exposure and protects the packaged items for longer storage.


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