6mm aluminium plate

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6mm aluminium plate

The 6mm aluminium plate produced by Mingtai is a medium thickness aluminum plate. As a new type of durable and corrosion-resistant raw material, 6mm aluminium plate has been widely used in various fields. As an aluminum plate purchasing company, if you want to buy high-quality aluminum plates, a professional aluminum plate manufacturer is the first choice. 6mm aluminium plate will directly affect the quality of your finished product. Therefore, when selecting products, you should pay attention and carefully check the quality of 6mm aluminium plate.
6mm aluminium plate

6mm aluminium plate checker plate

The pattern formed on the surface of the 6mm aluminium checker plate not only plays a role in decoration and beautification, but also has a non-slip effect in a special use environment. The higher the pattern, the stronger the anti-skid ability.
There are many types of 6mm aluminium checker plate, which are used in different industries. The common 1060 6mm aluminium checker plate is suitable for cold floors and car floors under normal conditions. Secondly, 3003 6mm aluminium checker plate is mainly used for train cars. Third, the 5052 6mm aluminium checker plate is resistant to rust and corrosion and can be used in ships and even the aerospace industry.
6mm aluminium plate

6mm aluminium plate cut to size

6mm aluminium plate can be cut into different sizes. The advantages of our production capacity are obvious. The thickness range can be produced from 0.2mm to 500mm. Medium thickness plates and thick plates are our high quality representative products. Although the alloys of 6mm aluminium plate are different, no matter whether it is pure aluminum plate or alloy aluminum plate, you can choose the product specifications you need according to the actual production needs.
Of course, the premise of cutting 6mm aluminium plate to size is to ensure the quality of the product. It is an honor to be able to do this.
6mm aluminium plate

Quality requirements of 6mm aluminium plate cut to size

1. First, the surface should be clean and free of cracks and oxidized debris.
2. Please note that the surface of the 6mm aluminium plate is allowed to have defects such as indentation, scratches, and roller indentation, but the depth cannot exceed the allowable negative deviation of the aluminum plate, and the minimum thickness should be guaranteed.
3. The falling part with cladding and cladding bubbles are allowed.
4. It is allowed to remove defects within the range of thickness difference.
5. We will prepare all your reasonable requirements.
6mm aluminium plate

6mm aluminium plate price

6mm aluminium plate price is between the price of thin aluminum plate and thick plate. In general, 1xxx 6mm aluminium plate price is the cheapest, while 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx are more expensive in turn, because they are related to different processes and tempers. For example, 3003, 3004, 5052, and 5083 usually belong to the HO temper and belong to the cold rolling process, while 6061 and 7075 are mostly T tempers, indicating hot rolling. For example, the price difference between 3003-H14 and 7075-T6 aluminum plates will be large. If the plate is to be reprocessed, an additional surface treatment process is required, resulting in additional costs.


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