6061 Aluminum Sheet Price

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6061 Aluminum Sheet for Sales

6061 aluminum sheet is the representative of the 6-series Al-Mg-Si alloy, and its performance is stable. In addition, 6061 alloy has high strength, excellent machinability, weldability, formability, and surface treatment effects. So It is widely used in battery explosion-proof housings, Face mask machines, mobile phone shells, mobile phone card slots, automobiles, molds and many other aspects. In fact, the 6061 aluminum sheet price is a topic of concern to everyone, so how much is 6061 aluminum sheet per ton? Let’s take a look next!

6061 aluminum sheet price

6061 Aluminum Sheet Price

1. 6061 aluminum sheet price is affected by processing fees. The processing fee of 6061 aluminum plate varies according to the thickness, length, width and different conditions. For example, 6061o aluminum plates, 6061t6 aluminum plates, and 6061t651 aluminum plates in different temper have different prices. In addition, the 2mm, 30mm, and 100mm6061 aluminum sheet price are also different. Of course, if you are not ordering the whole board, you need to cut, and the price at this time is different. Therefore, the purchaser needs to provide specific product specifications, and accordingly the business provides a specific 6061 aluminum sheet price.

2. The price of aluminum ingot affects 6061 aluminum sheet price. The general price of aluminum plates is the price of aluminum ingots plus processing fees. In fact, the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates up and down every day, so the price of aluminum ingot is different. Therefore, the overall quotation of 6061 aluminum plates will also be different.

6061 aluminum sheet price

3. Different business models. There are distributors, traders, and manufacturers who sell 6061 aluminum sheets in the market. So for different sales models have affected the 6061 aluminum sheet price. In comparison, the prices directly operated by manufacturers are relatively cheap. Of course, purchasers buy goods at different times and choose 6061 aluminum plate with high quality and low price.

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6061 aluminum sheet price

Best 6061 Aluminum Sheet Price from Mingtai Aluminum

Here, Mingtai Aluminum 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer, has been engaged in aluminum sheet processing for more than 20 years. Mingtai produces smooth, bright, and mill-free 6061 aluminum plates, and has introduced six-high cold rolling mill equipment to produce 2650mm ultra-wide aluminum plates. Nowadays, It has become a rare domestic manufacturer of ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates.

Mingtai Aluminum offers 1-8 series products, and more products such as 5052 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet, 5086 aluminum sheet, 8011 aluminum foil, automobile aluminum sheet, tanker aluminum sheet, etc. Welcome to email or leave a message for consultation!


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