6061 aluminum sheet composition

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6061 aluminum sheet composition

“Low-carbon” economy has now become a hot topic in the world, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum alloys have emerged and become the preferred materials for many industries. 6061 aluminum sheet is a common product in the aluminum alloy series. 6061 aluminum sheet composition is mainly magnesium and silicon, which has medium strength, good corrosion resistance and good oxidation effect. 6061 aluminum plate is widely used after heat treatment, and medium and thick plates are used in mold manufacturing, automatic mechanical parts, precision machining and other fields.

6061 aluminum sheet composition and material properties

National standard ingredients: 6061 aluminum sheet national standard material, the content of various chemical components and the composition of each component meet the national standard, and the material is stable.
Excellent performance: The material is rolled from primary aluminum ingots, the internal components are dense and uniform, the hardness of the whole plate is uniform, the mechanical properties are stable, and the precision is high.
Good surface quality: the surface of the material is bright and smooth, without obvious oxide layer, and there is no obvious blisters, pores, black spots and other defects on the surface of ordinary alloy aluminum materials on the market.
6061 aluminum sheet composition

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