5754 Automotive Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

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5754 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

5754 automotive aluminum sheet density of 0.0000028kg/m3, is a typical alloy in Al-Mg aluminum alloy. Therefore, 5754 aluminum sheet has the advantages of medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability. These are also good proof that 5754 aluminum plate is suitable for the field of automobile manufacturing.

5754 automotive aluminum sheet

3 Major Advantages of 5754 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

In fact, 5754 automotive aluminum sheet has three major advantages as a lightweight material for automobile. First, 5754 aluminum for automobile manufacturing has obvious weight reduction and energy saving effect. As a result, comfort and safety are greatly improved.In addition, 5754 Aluminum Sheet is a recyclable aluminum alloy. At present, with the development of environmental protection and energy saving, the lightweight of automobiles is imperative.On the premise of ensuring the performance of the body, engine, chassis and heat exchange system, we actively seek high-quality aluminum resources and other raw materials to reduce the weight of the car, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

5754 automotive aluminum sheet

Mingtai 5754 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

High quality 5754 aluminum plate can be used as a lightweight material in automobile manufacturing. Here, Mingtai Aluminum is an international outstanding supplier of 5754 aluminum plates. Practice has proved that the body made of Mingtai 5754 automotive aluminum sheet after single-side polishing and rolling, with high surface finish, high safety, obvious advantages of energy absorption buffer, high shape and dimensional accuracy, good welding performance, high strength, high formability,High corrosion resistance and high surface finish. In short, 5754 aluminum sheet and other alloy products increase the safety of the body, and bring a more comfortable driving experience for the user.So here, if you are interested in our automotive aluminum sheets and other products, then don’t hesitated to contact us now ! Come on !


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