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The fuel Tanker models all have an integral load-bearing structure, and the fuel Tanker body is composed of two major parts: a tank and an underframe. fuel Tanker tank is a horizontal cylinder structure, and the cylinder part is welded by the upper plate, the bottom plate and the end plate. In response to the current automotive lightweight requirements, it is a general trend to use aluminum to manufacture fuel tankers.

5083-H116 aluminum plate (2)

Aluminum has been used in vehicles for a long time. In the 1960s, aluminum has begun to be used in automobiles on a large scale. The 5754 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai is of medium to high strength, with good fatigue performance and welding performance as 6061 aluminum plate in USA, and good resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion. The 5754 aluminum alloy sheets in different heat treatment states are the main materials used in the automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, molds, and seals) and the canning industry.

What are the advantages of using 5754 aluminum plate for fuel Tanker body

5754 aluminum plate for fuel Tanker body produced by Mingtai not only meets the requirements of lightweight vehicle body, but also is economical and practical; the ductility of 5754 aluminum plate is good, so it can greatly improve the safety performance and eliminate hidden dangers; at the same time, it has high Recyclability, environmental protection and sanitation.

Mingtai Aluminum is a listed aluminum processing company with more than 20 years of rich experience and stronger R&D and production capabilities. The 5754 aluminum plate used for fuel tanker can not only be customized production, but also has a large production capacity, shortening the production cycle, and one-time To provide users with large quantities of products, with guaranteed quality and preferential prices, especially suitable for long-term cooperation.

What are the advantages of using 5754 aluminum plate for fuel tanker tank

Fuel tanks are containers for storing fuel in automobiles. With the development of lightweight, aluminum alloy fuel tanks have become commonplace. The fuel tank is generally made of 5754 aluminum plate. The aluminum fuel tank combines safety, durability, economy, and light weight. Now it has become a large passenger car, fuel tanker, heavy truck and other vehicles with high fuel consumption and high fuel quality requirements. Preferred.

5754 aluminum plate is a commonly used alloy in the aluminum plate series. It has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and medium strength. It is widely used in sheet metal parts of fuel tanks, oil pipes, transportation vehicles, ships, meters, and street lamp brackets. And rivets, hardware products, electrical enclosures, etc. Among them, fuel tank materials account for a large proportion.


The 5754 aluminum plate for fuel tank has been called the new trend of the current automobile manufacturing industry. The fuel tank made by it has many advantages, which will be explained in detail below.

1. Light weight and good weight reduction effect. The 5754 aluminum plate used for the fuel tank can reduce the weight of the vehicle body and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

2. Corrosion resistant and durable. 5754 aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust aluminum plate, which is not easy to rust and can be used for a long time.

3. Good cleaning effect. The aluminum alloy fuel tank can avoid corrosion in the tank, avoid oil pollution, and ensure fuel efficiency.

4. High security. The 5754 aluminum plate has high strength, especially fatigue resistance. When it encounters a violent impact, it is not easy to crack.

5. Economy and environmental protection. Aluminum alloy has a high recycling rate and is an environmentally friendly material.

How much is the price of 5754 aluminum plate?

How much is the price of a ton of 5754 aluminum sheet? According to the current market understanding, the difference is still relatively large, mainly affected by factors such as market aluminum ingot prices, product specifications, and manufacturer’s material selection. Mingtai Aluminum can supply 5754 aluminum plates, please send your needs to our mailbox if necessary.

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