5252 Aluminum Alloy

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5252 Aluminum Alloy Properties

5252 aluminum alloy is often used in rail transit equipment.In fact, 5252 Aluminium belongs to the aluminum magnesium alloy, with medium strength, moderate hardness, excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, cold processing is easy to form and other characteristics.Aluminium 5252 Aluminium is the best partner of typical alloy combination in Al-Mg alloy.When leaving the factory in different heat treatment and quenching states, 5252 aluminum alloy is used as the main material of structural parts in automobile manufacturing industry and its weight is reduced.
5252 aluminum alloy

5252 Aluminum Alloy Applications

In practice, 5252 aluminum alloy in railway traffic and transportation structures or aerospace aluminum products is quite good, reduce the weight of equipment and to environmental protection and high-tech energy saving to the important role, especially also performance in terms of pressure and chemical transportation, high resistance to corrosion effect and service life of weldability is big also,Intensity also has outstanding characteristics.

Moreover, 5252 aluminum is often used in welding structure engineering, storage tank welding, pressure vessel manufacturing, ship’s overall structure and offshore facilities corrosion, especially for high transport pan tank corrosion protection, and for 5252 alloy has good processability, good corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, weldability and moderate to high intensity,It plays a representative role in light alloys.

5252 aluminum alloy

Prime Mingtai 5252 Aluminum Alloy

Ex-factory 5252 aluminum alloy has been processed and processed through multiple procedures to make the material play a more prominent and better performance effect. The surface of the material has been treated, and H112 and H111 are adopted as the standards in quenching treatment, and the surface water lines and rolling marks have also been cleaned on the secondary surface.Users can save more space and unnecessary waste of materials. No matter the internal or external quality, the 5252 aluminum alloy produced by Mintel Aluminum Co., Ltd. always takes the high starting point as the standard. No cracks, corrosion spots, nitro traces and no traces of tasks are allowed on the surface when leaving the factory.The surface should be protected and manually operated.

5252 aluminum alloy

Mingtai 5252 Aluminum Alloy with Best Price

In addition, Mingtai 5252 aluminum alloy not only has high quality, but also superior performance.In addition, the Mingtai 5252 aluminum price is also very preferential!If you are interested in our 5252 Alloy and other products, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote!Just send us an email, or leave a message, tell us your required specifications and dosage, we will quickly provide you with a satisfactory quotation!


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