5086 Aluminum Checker Plate Diamond Tread Sheet

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5086 Aluminum Checker Plate Overview

Aluminum checker plate 5086 alloy have even higher strength than 5052 or 5083 tread plate. In fact, 5086 grade aluminium checker plate for sale refers to 5086 aluminum plate whose surface is embossed. Therefore, It retains a series of advantages of marine grade aluminum sheet 5086 alloy. Such as excellent corrosion and weather resistance, processability, weldability, electroplating, mechanical properties, etc. In addition to its rich surface patterns, 5086 aluminum checker plate is widely used in ship’offshore gangway, anti-slip tread plate, refrigerated truck bed, flooring, etc. It’s highly safe and decorative !

5086 aluminum checker plate

5086 Aluminum Checker Sheet Plate Characteristics

5086 aluminum checker plate also belongs to non-heat treated alloy. So it becomes stronger due to strain hardening or cold working.
Aluminium 5086 tread checker plate can be readily welded by various welding methods, such as TIG and MIG, etc, retaining most of its mechanical strength.
Corrosion Resistance
Most notably, 5086 aluminum checker plate is typical 5000 series anti-rust Al-Mg alloy. So It can resist very strong seawater corrosion, aa well as industrial atmosphere, petrochemical industry, food, etc.

5086 aluminum checker plate

5086 Aluminum Checker Plate Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of 5086 aluminum checker plate vary significantly with hardening and temperature. And the overall situation is as follows.

Mechanical Properties Metric Imperial
Density 2.66 g/cc 0.0961 lb/in3
Ultimate Tensile Strength 290 MPa 42,000psi
Yield Tensile Strength 207 MPa 30,000psi
Fatigue Strength 150 MPa 21,800psi
Shear Strength 175 MPa 35,400psi
Melting Point 585 – 640°C 1,085 – 1,185°F

Application of 5086 Aluminum Checker Plate

5086-H32 Aluminum Checker Plate for Anti-Slid Flooring
H32 tempered 5086 aluminum checker plate is very popular. Such as 5086-H32 aluminum floor plate is an perfect material for most processing techniques and both interior and exterior applications.
Marine Applicatopn and Other Purpose
As we know, 5086 aluminum checker sheet has a higher strength tolerance than 5052 or 5083. and It’s considered a “marine grade” tread plate. So their common applications include marine applications, support structures, catwalks, trench covers, various vehicles interiors, aerial work spiral ladder, tool box and other manufacturing, etc.

5086 aluminum checker plate

Technical Parameters of 5086 Aluminum Checker Plate

Elements Mg Fe Zn Mn Ti Cr Single Al
Content 3.5-4.5 0.4 ≤0.25 0.20-0.7 ≤0.15 0.05–0.25 0.05 Remain
Typical alloy 5086 Aluminum Checker Plate
Material temper O、H112、H116、H111、H321、H32,H36,H38, etc
Thickness (mm) 0.8-7.0
Width (mm) 100-1650
Length (mm) Customize
Pattern Type diamond, tow bar, three bar, big five bar, small five bar, etc
Typical product Ship offshore gangway, Anti-skid tread plate, Refrigerated vehicles, truck bed, Vehicle inner wall/ floor, Flooring, Stair, Tool box, etc.

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