5083 Aluminum Plate for Truck Air Tank_pressure vessel in Europe

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5083 Aluminum Plate for Truck Air Tank

The gas reservoir is the gas storage device in the automobile brake system, which is mainly used for automobile brake and whistle system. In some heavy vehicles such as semi-trailers, heavy trucks, passenger cars and other vehicles, there are many places where air is used. If the air volume pumped by the air compressor alone is not enough, then the air pumped by the air compressor needs to be stored in In the air reservoir, wait for the critical moment to use.

The aluminum alloy air cylinder uses 5083 aluminum plate as the raw material in Europe. It is a widely used aluminum-magnesium alloy with good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, medium strength, environmental protection, high cleanliness, and weight. Most light, light trucks, heavy trucks, passenger cars and utility vehicles use aluminum alloy air cylinders.

6061-O/T6 aluminum plate in USA

5083 Aluminum Plate for Truck Air Tank has good cleanliness, and a dense and firm protective film is easily formed on the surface to protect the gas storage cylinder from corrosion and prolong its service life. Moreover, the weight is lighter and the safety factor is higher. Therefore,  5083 Aluminum Plate for Truck Air Tank will be greatly developed in the gas storage market, and the market demand will gradually increase.

Mechanical properties of 5083 aluminum plate

Tensile strength σb (MPa): 110-136

Elongation δ10 (%): ≥20

Yield strength σs (MPa) ≥110

5083 aluminum plate for pressure vessel

Pressure vessel refers to a closed device that can withstand a certain pressure, can be used to carry gas or liquid, and is used more in the chemical industry. The selection of pressure vessel materials should fully consider its chemical composition, size standards, performance indicators and other factors. 5083 aluminum plate has excellent performance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good weldability, and easy forming. It occupies a place in the field of pressure vessel manufacturing.

Aluminum pressure vessel is one of the classifications. Its production is the same as pressure vessels made of 6061 aluminum plate in USA. It must strictly abide by the pressure vessel manufacturing standards, but its material is special. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of aluminum to make sure that the stress of the molding is done. Handle work to avoid cracks.

4mm Aluminum Sheet (1)

The 5083 aluminum plate can be used in pressure vessels is closely related to its performance. 5083 aluminum plate for pressure vessel belongs to Al-Mg series alloy, with medium strength, good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, good cold workability, and meets the performance requirements of metal materials used in pressure vessels. In addition, the weight of aluminum alloy is light, the density is only 2.71g/cm3, and the same volume of aluminum alloy is almost only 1/3 of the weight of steel.

How much is a ton of 5083 aluminum plate?

Returning to the topic that users are more concerned about, how much is the price of 5083 aluminum sheet? The price of 5083 aluminum sheet is determined by the market aluminum ingot price and processing fee. Different aluminum sheet manufacturers have different processes, production costs, and product quality, and their prices are naturally different. If you have a demand for 5083 aluminum sheet, you can click on the online customer service for consultation.

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