5083 Aluminum Plate for Sale

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5083 Aluminum Plate for Sale

5083 aluminum plate for sale is often used in the raw materials of flanges.Flange is a shaft and shaft connected parts, also known as flange flange disc or flange.In practice, flanges are used for the connection between pipe ends, which plays an important role in industrial manufacturing and has a large market demand.The commonly used materials of aluminum alloy flanges are 5 and 6 series aluminum alloy. 5083 aluminum plate is one of the commonly used ones. The tensile strength and yield strength of the flange made by it are greater than that of 5052.

5083 aluminum plate for sale

Advantages of 5083 Aluminum Plate for Sale

1, aluminum alloy density is low, high strength;
2, corrosion resistance, good welding, good cold processing;
3, good forming performance;
4, durable, economic and environmental protection.

5083 aluminum plate for sale is one of the superior products of Mintai Aluminum Co., Ltd. The company strictly controls the product process of 5083 aluminum plate. Through determining the alloy composition, optimizing the casting process, homogenizing heat treatment and rolling process test, the product performance is equivalent to that of foreign materials and meets the requirements of users.

5083 aluminum plate for sale

Prices of 5083 Aluminum Plate for Sale

The price of 5083 aluminum plate for sale consists of the average closing price of Changjiang spot A00 aluminum ingot on the day of shipment + the processing fee. There is no unified pricing in the market.The main reason is that the price of aluminum ingot fluctuates every day, so the quotation will fluctuate. In addition, the processing cost of aluminum plate is related to the specification and state of 5083 aluminum plate, and also affected by the strength of the manufacturer.There are many manufacturers of 5083 aluminum plate for sale in the market, with uneven strength and good or bad product quality. It is suggested that you shop around and choose the best one based on the strength of the manufacturer, processing technology and product performance.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer of 5083 aluminum plate for sale. It is a listed company. The quality of 5083 aluminum plate is guaranteed, and the price is the ex-factory price.How much is the price per ton?Welcome to consult at any time to understand, we have professional staff to provide you with free and preferential quotation!


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