5052 h38 Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

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5052 h38 Aluminum Sheet

5052 h38 aluminum sheet is widely used in various fields such as automobile lightweight, shipbuilding, electronics, chemical equipment, etc. Typical uses are aluminum alloy fuel tanks, high voltage switches, switch cabinets, silos, etc. 5052 alloy aluminum sheets are in many temper, and H38 aluminum sheet is a common one.

5052 h38 Aluminum Sheet Price

How much is the price of 5052 h38 aluminum sheet? Need to understand what factors affect the price of 5052 h38 aluminum sheet? Mainly related to the price of aluminum ingots, specific specifications and performance requirements, and sales methods.

5052 h38 aluminum sheet
Aluminum ingot price—-The price of aluminum ingot is constantly changing every day, and the price is quoted according to the price of aluminum ingot on that day.

Product specifications —- 5052 H38 aluminum sheet alloy grade and state, but its length and width and thickness specifications are not the same, 5052 H38 aluminum sheet 3mm thick price and 20mm thick price is not the same,The price of width 1220mm and width 2200mm is also different.

Sales mode – different sales mode, different prices.Manufacturers direct sales to reduce the middleman profit margin, the price is more affordable.

5052 h38 aluminum sheet

5052 h38 Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

The market production of 5052 H38 aluminum sheet manufacturers so many, let a person see, choose which better?Consider three directions.

1, to see the size of the strength of the manufacturer.Choose large aluminum plate manufacturers, mature technology, advanced equipment, product quality is guaranteed.

2, to see the quality of the product.In the purchase of 5052 H38 aluminum sheet can not blindly look at the price, the quality of the product is the key, related to the subsequent use, the choice of quality products is very important.

3, to see how the service attitude.In a society with fierce market competition, service is one of the soft strengths of an enterprise. A good service attitude shows the rigorous and scientific management of the enterprise, so that problems arising in the purchase and use of products can be solved in time without any worries.

5052 h38 aluminum sheet

Mingtai 5052 h38 Aluminum Sheet with Best Price

Mingtai Aluminum is professional 5052 H38 aluminum sheet manufacturer, to provide a reasonable 5052 H38 aluminum sheet quotation. Mingtai aluminum industry has been processing military aluminum for more than 22 years, high reputation in the industry, the quality of the products are widely praised, exported to more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad.

Mingtai aluminum production of 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, not just 1-8 series products cover aluminum plate, constantly introducing advanced equipment, improve the processing technology, constantly enrich improve themselves, the company scientific and strict rules and regulations, strictly control the manufacturing processes, from product raw materials procurement, processing, production has strict testing, ensure the quality of products, allow users to buy rest assured!


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