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5052 h24 Aluminum

5052h24 aluminum refers to H24 tempered 5052 aluminum alloy. In fact, 5052 aluminum is a typical AL-Mg series alloy. Among them, magnesium is the main alloying element in 5052-h24 aluminum. Therefore,5052-H24 aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, high fatigue strength, plasticity, weldability, and can be polished. The performance of 5052h24 aluminum is more stable and reliable.

5052 h24 Aluminum Specifications

Thickness: 0.1-600 mm
Width: 20-2650 mm
Material status: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H24, H22, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114
Application: 5052-H24 aluminum is widely used for aluminum oxide sheet, silo, automobile aluminum sheet, die, electronic stamping parts, etc.

5052 h24 aluminum

How Much is 5052 h24 Aluminum Per Tons ?

On the market, the price of 5052-H24 aluminum alloy is not fixed.And different specifications of 5052 aluminum sheet price difference is large. So, why there is a price difference, mainly related to the following factors.

1. Manufacturer: There are many manufacturers of 5052H24 aluminum in the market. Different manufacturers spend different manufacturing costs, so the prices are different. And different manufacturers of different sales model, the price is also different.In general, the relative price of direct selling manufacturers is lower than that of commission manufacturers.

2. Different specifications: 5052-H24 aluminum has a wide range of processing thickness and width, and different users have different production requirements and specifications, so the processing technology and performance of its products will also be different, so the price will also be different.

5052 h24 aluminum

5052 h24 Aluminum Sheet Factory

Therefore, the prices of 5052-h24 aluminum alloy on the market varies from high to low. So where can I get a quality 5052 H24 aluminum sheet coil at a good price? Here, we recommend Mingtai Aluminum for you! Mingtai Aluminum has been producing 5052h24 aluminum for more than 23 years, with rich production and processing experience and professional technical team. What’s more, Mingtai uses high quality raw materials, product performance is stable and reliable. Of course, in terms of price, as a direct manufacturer, the price of Mingtai Aluminum is lower than the market price, and we can also customize 5052 H24 aluminum products for free according to the actual needs of purchasers! Here, we sincerely look forward to your consultation!


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