5052 aluminum plate for bus skin

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5052 aluminum plate for bus skin:

The bus skin, that is, the metal material looks like a skin on the outside, covering the entire body of the bus, so it is called the bus skin, which mainly plays a role in protecting the safety of the body, and has a good decorative effect. As for its safety, it mainly depends on the performance and thickness of the selected materials, and the surrounding anti-collision skeleton components.

Nowdays, under the general trend of automobile lightweight development, the application of bus skin materials has broad market prospects. And aluminum has gradually replaced traditional steel material. It’ s widely used in automobile lightweight. Take bus skin as an example, the 5052 aluminum plate of 5 series aluminum alloy is well used in large passenger bus!

As for 5052 aluminum plate, is one of the alloy aluminum plates with large demand in the market. And it is the representative product of the 5 series Al-Mg aluminum alloy. Besides, 5052 aluminum plate is also belongs rust-proof aluminum with widely used, mature production technology, excellent performance, and high cost performance. Whether it is in thin plate, ultra-thin plate, thick plate, ultra-thick plate, all have a wide range of applications!
5052 aluminum plate for bus skin

Mingtai 5052 aluminum plate specifications:

Here, 5052 aluminum plate is the superior product of Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai 5052 aluminum plate has mature production technology, wide uses, and has a large sales volume. Those are supported by Mingtai advanced production equipment, strong production capacity, and leading technology. Now, Mingtai can not only provide conventional plates of 1220 * 2440mm and 1250 * 2500mm specifications, but also accurately produce according to the specifications required by users. The thickness range is 0.1-600mm and the width range is 20-2650mm, the length range is 500-16000mm, including various temper, to meet the diverse needs of users!
5052 aluminum plate for bus skin

Mingtai 5052 aluminum plate price:

5052 aluminum plates with different temper, different thicknesses, different widths, the processing fees are uneven. In addition, the price of aluminum plates is also related to factors, such as the sales mode and the strength of the aluminum plate manufacturers. Here, Mingtai Aluminum is a direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturer. It has a large-scale production base, its own power plant, and is adjacent to the raw material production site. So, the 5052 aluminum plate price is lower than that of competitors! Both the selling price and product performance all have great advantages!

So, If you need 1-8 series aluminum plate/coil/foil products, can click on the right side online consultation, inform the customer service of the required product grades, specifications, temper, usage and quantity, we will arrange business for price calculation within 5 minutes, and reply you timely!
5052 aluminum plate for bus skin

Superior 5052 aluminum plate for bus skin manufacturers:

Which is better manufacturer of 5052 aluminum plate for bus skin? As we all konw, There are countless manufacturers on the market, and their specifications and technical levels are also different. So which manufacturer is more trustworthy? Here, we recommend Henan Mingtai Aluminum Manufacturer for you! Why? The main reasons are as follows.
In fact, Mingtai Aluminum has been engaged in the production and processing of aluminum plate/coil/foil for many years, not only the product quality is guaranteed, but also the price of 5052 aluminum plate for bus skin is more favorable! Here obtain detailed 5052 aluminum plate quotation, just click free online consultation on the right, and a professional sales manager is at your service anytime! If it’s convenient, it would be better to visit our company on the spot! Welcome to you!


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