5052 Aluminum Mold Plate Manufacturer

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5052 Aluminum Mold Plate

5052 aluminum mold plate is a typical Al-Mg alloy used for mold manufacturing. In fact, there are 6061,6082,5083 aluminum plates commonly used In molds. In addition, for the thick 5052 aluminum plate, we also call it 5052B aluminum plate. It is our Mingtai aluminum products continuously optimized. It has the advantage of environmental protection and low carbon. Therefore, 5052 aluminum plate has become a perfect material for construction, mold, vehicles, ships and so on.

5052 aluminum mold plate

5052 Aluminum Mold Plate Advantages

As we all know, aluminum plate for mold requires good mechanical properties, processability, heat treatment, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. In all the aluminum plate series, the medium hardness of 5, 6 series of alloy and the hardness of 2, 7 series of alloy more in line with the mold aluminum plate material selection requirements, enterprises can choose according to different needs specific which grade.

Among them, 5052 aluminum mold plate belongs to the 5 seriesAl-Mg alloy, which has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance, good processability, durability and surface polishing treatment. It has become a very popular mold aluminum plate in the market in recent years. 5052 mold aluminum plate thickness tolerance is small, processing without deformation, can reduce the waste of material, at the same time has high recycling.
5052 aluminum mold plate

5052 Aluminum Mold Plate Price

How much is 5052 aluminum mold plate per ton? Before knowing the specific price, let me first introduce the components of aluminum plate price. The price of one ton of aluminum plate is mainly composed of aluminum ingot price and processing fee. The price of aluminum ingot fluctuates every day, which is related to the market situation and can be found through the platform. The processing fee is related to the specifications and status of the aluminum plate and the input cost of the manufacturer. Therefore, different manufacturers offer different prices for the same product.

5052 aluminum mold plate

Mingtai 5052 Aluminum Mold Plate Manufacturer

Mingtai aluminum is a large aluminum sheet with foil manufacturers, started in 1997, listed companies. Here, Mingtai 5052 aluminum mold plate through strict production control, performance far exceeds the national standard. In addition, the company has a strong production capacity to meet the needs of different users, the capacity of 8-2000 tons, welcome to order inquiry!


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