5 mm 5083 Aluminum Sheet for Marine Application

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5 mm 5083 Aluminum Sheet

5 mm 5083 aluminum sheet is a high-magnesium alloy high-precision sheet. In fact, 5083 aluminium sheet is a non-heat-treated alloy. For example, it does not deform when processed in non-heat treatment, and has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance and workability. 5083 alloy also has good arc welding performance. In addition, the anodized surface of 5083 aluminum alloy is very beautiful. Therefore,5mm 5083 aluminum sheet is mainly used for shipbuilding, tank car bodies, welding parts, etc. The common temper includes O, H111, H112, H32, etc.

5 mm 5083 aluminum sheet

5 mm 5083 Aluminum Sheet Application

Here, the width of 5 mm thick 5083 aluminum sheet of Mingtai Aluminum can reach 2200mm. Mingtai 5083 aluminium sheet has good corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength. Therefore, like 5754 and 5454 alloy plate, 5083 alloy becomes a perfect material for tank truck body, such as tank trucks, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers, etc. In addition, 5083 aluminum alloy is also best material for welding parts for ships, automobiles, airplanes, subway light rails, refrigerators, TVs, and towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, parts, armors, etc. that require strict fire protection.

In addition, The common temper of 5083 aluminum plates are H, F and O, with a maximum thickness of 500 mm. For example, the commonly used 1220 * 2440 *5 mm 5083 aluminium sheet is a typical marine grade aluminum sheet material. The specific temper cover O, H116, H111, etc. Besides, for the 5083 h116 aluminum plate is also one of the main materials for mold manufacturing. At present, 5 mm 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet has been widely used in shipbuilding.

5 mm 5083 aluminum sheet

Quality 5083 Aluminum Sheet from Mingtai Al.

It is worth mentioning that Mingtai 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet has been the first to obtain the certificates of CCS, ABS, BV, LR International Classification Society. The quality is extremely quality! Here, the thickness tolerance of Mingtai 5083 aluminium sheet is within plus or minus 0.05, and the flatness of the board surface is within 10 lines per square meter. There are flat plate, clean surface, no oil stains, scratches, black spots, etc., and the original factory warranty! What’s more, our 5 mm thick 5083 aluminum sheet is the factory direct price, no middlemen can make the difference! Therefore, our price is 30% lower than our competitors! So here, if you are looking for 5mm aluminum plate and other aluminum alloy products, then just send an e- mail, or leave an online messages. We will quickly offer a better price for you! Come on!


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